Is Loki going to be a hero

I just saw a pic of Loki in s3 prov 4. Is he going to be a hero or just someone we have to fight?

He hasn’t been in Beta yet, but it’s certainly possible he’ll be added as a Hero.

I’ll post in Beta Beat if he comes to Beta.


What is the beta beat? And ty

Beta is the pre-game trial phase. Small Giant recruits a select group of players to be “Beta Players” to test for new features to the game before they are officially released to the public. Beta Players have to adhere to a very strict code and only release information publicly that is permitted by Small Giant. The Beta Beat is a news topic basically conveying the information that Small Giant allows to be released at that time.


Thank you answering .

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Hey, @zephyr1. Let me know when the March Hare gets his big break in Riddles of Wonderland! :wink:


Here, I fixed it all up for you. :wink:


This one?

But yeah, Loki for sure will be a hero. Everyone in the S2 story became someone you could obtain. Nothing is for certain but I’d bet my five stars on it.

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Wow. Just wow, you God of Mischief…or is it “Demigod of Mischief?”


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SG, don’t even try to deny he was inspired by Tom Hiddleston.

As for topic, it’s almost guaranteed. I was also sure Agnes would eventually appear as a hero when she appeared as an NPC first. Even more considering Lady Loki and Salmon Loki are already in testing. Also, considering how much SG is prone to recycling lately (c’mon SG, all 3* challenge event heroes are baddies from the game, sometimes literally appearing in the same stage. Not to mention those Aife-Jill villagers), it is highly unlikely SG would design an NPC with an animation and all and not to make it a hero.

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