Is Li Xiu really so bad?



Just wondering. She is C rank in 7DD list, but I see her in almost any defence team. And on my opinion she’s pretty nice as a tank.

Quintus also C rank, but proof himself useful in center for defence. Also has good Attack and Vit for titans.

I do not understand something?


Oh, she is B, oddly. But anyway, she is much better I think, so as Quintus.


Yep, and Little John too even if his special is just amazing in many contests.
Most of the major players just don’t like slow mana heroes (Alberich apart) and that’s pretty much why they are all ranked low.

Anchor chart is not an unquestionable data, there are discrepancy too.
Feel free to level up Xiu and Quintus if you want, i don’t dislike them :wink:


Well C isn’t necessarily a bad grade, and B is fairly good.

There’s no hate towards her, she’s just ‘pretty good’ in all aspects without really shining anywhere.

Titans; she’s a good backup choice for dark, her mana suppression isn’t amazing but better than nothing.
Raid attack; she’s durable, doesn’t do a ton of damage with her special but she can stop specials from firing, even if it is just for one turn.
Raid defence; she’s annoying as a tank, but not at all intimidating. She’s a meat shield, nothing more. Just there to slow you down enough for someone behind her to do the damage. You know you can take her down easily enough, but she’s probably gonna squeeze that special out and just prolong the inevitable by a turn.
Maps; she can wipe out an entire wave in low-level farming, with high level farming she’s not good enough. She can help get you through late map stages on your first run through, while your team is developing. But if you just want to quickly farm some materials in prov 22 or so, she’s not desirable.


I think @MantisToboggan summarised her very well. I’d just add that for a while, she was considerably better, featuring as a tank in many really good defence teams, and being the bane of my existence, personally. Back then, she was an A+ for raid defence, maybe an A- overall.

Then she got nerfed, so now we argue about whether she’s an overall B or C. I’d say she’s a B-.


Is Li Xiu really so bad compared to what? 4* yellow heroes are all sort of meh except Wu Kong, who is so idiosyncratic as not to be in the same category. Compared to Hu, LX is solid, and compared to Chao, it boils down to the one-target/all-target preference.


I’d say WuKong > Jackal > LiXiu/Chao depending on your needs.

I wouldnt write off HuTao either, he served me well in the earlier stages of the game when getting through the tougher stages of Rare Quests and the map. And he isnt terrible on raid defence either when around 1800-2000 trophies.