Is Leonidas viable now?



He seems quite strong to me now.


That 75% health gain makes him a good tank now I think.


Too squishy to be a good tank. He’ll be popped before he can heal. He’s on the lower end of the tankiness spectrum amongst 5* heroes and, unlike Azlar (also a squish king), getting to pop his special once won’t make a huge difference.

Flanker for Ares or something, if anything, I guess.

Still not too impressed with the healing personally.

Let’s see here…
I got Leonidas at 4-40 which means 675 attack and 1129 health.

735 health remaining, attacked a full HP Sartana, up to 1133 health. Not even to full from a rather high %.

Wait, no, how did it go to 1133 when he has 1129 max? Gaaaaaame?! :rofl:

Nevermind. Let’s try again… Probably missaw something.

Bah, Natalya fried him before he could load.

Maybe now…

cough dead before firing, dammit game, work with me here…


245 HP, max 1129, no buffs/debuffs on him or enemy. Hitting nearly max HP Zeline.
428 heal, up to 673 HP on Leonidas.

For comparison, a Kiril heal gives him 364 HP. I have a +14% healing received troop on Leo.

It’s not a fart of a heal, no, it can come in handy, but I don’t think it makes him a good tank. Not even close. With the average mana I don’t think a splash mana reduction would be an overkill on him. His damage is quite mediocre, tank he is not, so more utility wouldn’t hurt :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for that breakdown. I was wondering if your feelings on Leo had changed since his last buff.

I’ve got him parked @ 2/60 and just got my 6th dart. I’m thinking about ascending him all the way. My current yellow situation: Li and Wu each @ 4/70, Chao @ 1/40 getting yellow feeders, and a dup Li. Li is also my tank right now until 3/70 Gravemaker gets 1 more ring and ascends. I’m running 1 TC20 and 3 TC11’s with one of those flexing to do TC19 and an occasional TC20.

I’m C2P and so I don’t do many pulls. The ones I do pull now are special events and Atlantis.

My situation is to do Leo now or wait and hope for Joon or Viv from a TC20 or a special 5* yellow from a pull. With Gravemaker going to my tank soon, Justice isn’t important to me. Appreciate your thoughts on levelling Leo or waiting.


I invested the materials in Leo and don’t regret it one bit - I love mana control skills. You may wait a long time for your TC to spit out vivica or Joon and if it will further your game development I would do it. Just my .02.


I waited, and got Joon a couple months later. Now I have 3 Leonidas, and they are all 3/70. I’m still hesitant to max one of them (every one of them from tc20 btw).


@Maldoror I don’t train a 5* at all unless I intend to take it up to full ascension. Uses up a lot of feeders to get a mediocre hero stuck at 3/70. Having three Leos at 3/70? Ouch.

Leo does keep getting better. I think he’s at a quality now where, if I had only him and six darts, and if I didn’t summon heroes very often, then I’d go ahead and ascend him. For me personally, I have a backlog of higher-quality yellow 5* (Vivica, Drake, plus completed Guin, Musashi, Joon, and Delilah) who will see my darts first.


That’s true, @Kerridoc, but it’s been done in a slow pace over several months during periods while I’ve had noone else to prioritize :).


Leo is great for me in raids. Would ascend again anytime


Thanks @Kerridoc , I will push Leo along


Having a lot of darts and only Leo and Justice in my deck i opted (after postponed the decision for several months) to ascend him.

I have to say he is not half bad, but probably because i don’t have anything to compare him to :joy:


I have a 3/70 Leo and he’s very useful in AW’s. I also have a 3/70 Delilah and she gets the darts first.


I am exactly in the same situation. Viv, Wu and Chao maxed. Li, Hu, Justice and Leo on a bench and 9 darts in inventory. While I have been waiting for Joon for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that Leo is not so bad at all :wink:


I am also leveling Leonidas, now he is at 3.70 already I get good results in mana control and self healing I imagine he at 4.80 sure is worth it yes. :wink:


No one realizes how hard he is to kill as a tank only because he sees such little use. Right away he became known as one of the worst 5*s and hasn’t shaken that stigmata even with the substantial improvements. That self heal is nothing trivial.


The problem with Leo is that people have learned to take down Delilah and Guin tanks. Both yellow and substantially better than Leo.

So for anyone capable of handling Guin and Del, Leo is served up as a tasty treat.

He is a lot better now than he was before though, so for F2P/C2P ascending him isnt terrible at all.


With a defensive minded 4* troop (the critical troop) he can get annoying, and not everyone raids in the top 1000 all the time like a lot of us do (where they are prevalent). He surprised me once with a level 20 critical troop and fired his special twice and if you aren’t careful, but the time that happens, everyone else is charged up. Game over. Obviously the other yellow tanks can do that as well, but they don’t inflict the damage and mana cut (at least to the degree) that Leo does.


So true! Love me the free cups I get when I find a Leo tank :yum:


just drop him in TC20. My only yellow heroes were

1 liu xu maxed / 1 liu xu 3/60 / 1 hu tao no XPD

so, i decide to up leonidas, 3/70 at least.

in duo with triton, pretty scary with the +39% bonus heal…i love it.

but all i read on leo isn’t very positive :sunglasses:

i got only 2 darts for the moment, so i’m not in a hurry to max him


I hadn’t thought about Triton’s boost for self-Heal heroes like Leo. Thanks for flagging that!