Is leaving the war possible after matchmaking?

Ran into an issue with the current clan war.
I had a member who was showing to be in the war (after matchmaking) with a team of only 3 heroes on his roster. When the war started this player completely vanished from our side, making the fight 9 to 8 in their favour.
I’ve had people leave the clan after the matchmaking and all that does is show them on the board as ex-member. They can no longer attack (as they aren’t there anymore) but thay are still in the war.
Is it possible to pull out of the war eventhough the matchmaking phase has passed?

A player with war defense team containing less than 5 heroes will be automatically kicked out of war.


Huh…I did not know that.
Why kick them though?

It was in the release notes in 2018.

15 May

The wars are back!

1.12 Alliance Wars improvements and changes:

  • All defending teams must have 5 heroes
  • Defeating a full enemy team is always worth at least 20 bonus points
  • Matchmaking is now based on:
    • Power of the strongest heroes in hero roster of each player
    • Player count of the alliance

That explains it! Thanks.
I started playing late 2018 so I missed this.


Before the recent addition of the opt out button, some players would just leave a hero off their team knowing they’d be removed from the field.


The player is actually warned that it will happen when they go to the war window.

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I was for some reason told I’d left my own alliance after match making and got bk in and was still on battlefield

So thats means, after matchmaking, we are safe walking outside our alliance to help another alliance for titan etc (example)?
Then come back to our alliance, and the war still on?

U can leave before war starts bt have too be bk in before war starts


CHEN (you know who I mean :sweat_smile:) did that often.


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