Is Kunchen the first purple tank?



@Rigs @Anchor


On defense he’ll have that debuff long before fires his counter buff

Thanks for clarification

Still no viable purple tanks besides hel, aeron, and boss wolf in my opinion


I don’t think Aeron is a good purple tank either. He’s WAY too squishy when it comes to defense and he’s only got average mana. If Aeron is tank i usually kill him and hel BEFORE they fire their specials.


Well i could say the same about guin or any other tank if i have a good board. But you have more wiggle room against a slow mana tank than an average mana tank

What troops do aeron or hel have when you normally face them?


if you did tank Kunchen @Rigs who would you flank him with?


Grave and zel most likely

Possibly drake but those 2 are first choices that come to mind.

Kunch would be better off at flank in my opinion though so that you can throw kage or panther on opposite wing

Double tank color just always seems like an easy 1 shot to me and his holy Def buff only applies to heros of same color so to me that screams dont tank but i could very well be wrong


So his E.defense isn’t actually a basic status effect but a unique one?


Well Zero was in first a min ago with him as tank…


Kunchen is good. Like Santa Claus he have a good chance to cast his special as tank, unlike Isarnia, and with AoE attackers it’s pretty brutal.


Yes, he was first with him as tank.


Khiona was the first grape tank! She has taken me as high as 64th worldwide and I’m almost never below 2400.
Her special goes off and her flanks tear $#!7 up


But this even more interesting:


That’s a lot of tokens


It doesn’t seem I have too much trouble vs Kunchen tanks. I think Her tanks freak me out more.


In my opinion kuchen is a top 5 tank.
Guin, grave, ares, kuchen, Delilah… are probably the strongest tanks right now.

For those that like double healers… kunchen and Ariel sound a matching pair. Kunchen tanks and Ariel flanks while dropping kunchen cast time 2 tiles.


Not sure why you guys are ignoring Kagebruado as a tank option. He’s very favorable in a comparison to GM at tank: Higher defense, slightly lower health, very fast mana, and more attack. He’s also designed to be fired off early in a battle, doing more damage to high-health heroes. Yes, GM hits three, but Kage takes huge chunks out of heroes quickly.

I’ve been running GM, Delilah, Kage, Drake, Alasie for several days now and I’m winning about 40% of my defenses. That’s good enough to keep me in 2550-2625 cups after the blow back from a set of raid flags.


GM hits several and deals DoT while Kageburado hits one at a time… typically tanks do more for the defense team, either helps or hurts multiple (good tanks like Guin usually do both).


Problem with Kage is that he hits only one and doesn’t have DoT. He is also very easy to kill, regardless of having better shield than grave.

Grave’s function at tank is to punish players that have mediocre tiles. The afterburn is deadly when you can’t get your cleanse off in time.