Is Kunchen the first purple tank?

I got him! As i look at the specs 618/815/1437 i think best place for him is tank. :wink:

I will give him all my mats. Had choice between Aeron Khiona. With this i push him.

Kunchen with left lianna and right alasie corner delilah and gravemaker will be an awesome team as i look at it now. Am i right to put him in top5 tanks? Just shame he’s slow. Which level should 4star purple be to make him average?


I assume it’s the case, but is Kunchen immune to Guardian Jackal’s holy debuff? That would make him uniquely suited as a purple tank.

I agree he makes a great center, but I also think healers in tank are much less risky to eliminate in the early turns of a match. I’d stick him in flank next to Onatel on a defense team.


I think he will make a fine tank, and the cleric class will also help. But he isn’t the first purple that can be used as a tank.


Unfortunately, no:


At a glance, it looks like tanking is the only thing Kunchen would be good at. Maybe high-level yellow titans where a super mana potion gives a mono purple team a free holy shield, too. But slow mana makes Rigard a better purple healer/cleanser and Tiburtus a better purple defense debuffer, so I can’t see myself using him for raid offense.


No. According to beta elemental isnt included in his defense debuff resistance


Never looked at all of his stats till you posted this. First purple? Nope. Hel was even at top at one time.

However, he has all the makings of a great tank, healer or not. He is anti- yellow mono and all his specials are instant. His slow speed will keep him from being the best, but I could see him taking the #3 spot.

I’ll probably pull him during event or Atlantis. Unfortunately, I have 4 purples stuck at 70 so he will have to wait a long time.


Probably keep in mind he’s slow mana and for his special to have the biggest effect, you’d have to stack purples on defense which means if you use him at tank then he’ll probably be dead before he even fires

Could possibly be good for wars but for raids jackal+joon = instadead kunchen

I’m curious as to why he’s slow but ariel is average and guin is average?(she buffs any flanking allies with dsrk defense buff) but yet kunchen had to be slow. Cant be his defense debuff if wilbur and athena can both be average and debuff defense more than kunchen does.

I’d like to snag him though. If he’s at least as usable as viv offensively, then he’s worth the tabbards


Thank you for confirming. Then I would not rank him highly as a tank myself, given Jackal’s wide availability.


Might have changed with public release but last i heard jackal still lowered his defense vs holy


His card says defense debuffs not elemental resistances. I would expect Jackal to work jist fine vs him.


But does his undispellable elemental link Holy def buff block Jackal while it is active?


Slow tanks aren’t good tanks, sorry. Color stacks too stronk.

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You can’t go wrong with Aeron. I have Thoth-Amun and Quintus but Aeron will get my purple mats next. I have neglected him far too long, when he has not deserved it. Aeron actually is absolutely amazing raid hero. He has been saving my butt so many times already. And he’s only 3^22.

I’m not interrested having Kunchen but sure would be glad if i got him. One can’t have enough legendary heroes :slight_smile:


Yeah but he’s got to cast it first. Before that though hes toast.

Remember Jackal is only 6 tiles for most people.

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Just got it today - had mixed feelings until allyfriend poked me with Kunchen is immune to defence down ailments - I think he’s solid tank

Kunchen as center tank, flanking with SantaClaus, rest 3 fast hard hitters. sounds like nightmare

however, not immune to Jackal’s elemental defense down, so not so great as tank.

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to place a slow flank besides a slow tank.

GM, Kage and Jackal can throw the nightmare back at you.

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