Is Kingston’s debuff capped at -51%?

The debuff reads that the effected enemy starts with -31% attack and gets a further -4% to attack “every” time they are hit for 4 turns.

I’ve seen this cap at -51%, no matter how many tiles i hit the enemy with tiles.

I can get video if needed but wanted to ask if this was working as planned first.

Also, does a hit from a minion also trigger a -4%?

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I see posts from during Beta indicating that a cap was likely and even recommended, but I haven’t found a post indicating explicit identification of the cap amount.

But I presume that would be intended behavior, much like Athena.

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Should the description not mention that? “Every time”’is pretty explicit and if there is a cap, entirely misleading.

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In my opinion, it should. But Athena’s doesn’t either.

Similarly, Khiona doesn’t list her cap on her card either.

I don’t think that’s the right decision, but it’s been their consistent decision, it seems.

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The cap has been found by multiple players

I’m sure @KLinMayhem has vids and links if needed

The cap falls under the same cap as athena and khiona and black knight and others… If it was infinite drop it would be OP regardless of the amount of turns

Though i feel these caps should be mentioned in the card description

@Petri any reason these caps are not mentioned in the cards above?


I’ve never pulled Athena so haven’t experienced it with her; and don’t use Khionna enough to have paid attention


Khiona it’s tough to hit the cap as it caps at like 144%, only example i have seen is with wilbur + khiona vs a delilah with minions active also recorded by @KLinMayhem

It’s certainly not immediately intuitive without it listed on the card.

I only know about it from this having come up several times before.

(I don’t have Athena, Kingston, Khiona, or Black Knight either. But Brienne behaves similarly.)


Use her in a purple stack and can’t say I’ve ever hit it or noticed.

As for being OP, possibly / but we have cards that drop single colour effectiveness by much higher percentages - Kash gets in the 90s vs red doesn’t he? and Urs punishes yellow badly… so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a cap in that area if you want to continuously push non-effective tiles into an effected hero (assuming powered tiles would eventually just kill it before 92% is reached)

A 92% cap would make all titans harmless


Fair point. 20 characters

Not sure I’m following the comparison. Ursena does a flat % of damage depending on opponent’s health level, and her reflect is already capped by the strength of the special skill fired upon her or other hero under her reflect buff

Kashrek buffs fire defense by 94% and he’s a 4*. Which is also a flat %.

I’m probly a little slow because the dots just aren’t connecting to me for a comparison between khiona/athena/kingston and ursena/kash


To clarify… When Kingston first came out, there was no cap! I’ve had an enemy at minus 85% (minions and no hero tiles)… Now, it appears to be capped at minus 51%… A silent Nerf from SG!

Actually, when he first came out, his debuff didn’t work right: [SOLVED] Kingston's debuff doesn't work properly (fixed in V24)

Domitia is the one with the defense buff against holy that mirrors Kashhrek. But you have to bear in mind that the defense buff roughly doubles their defense against that color (which I’m not disputing is a huge boon). That can still be overcome partially with a stacked color. If you reduce attack by that amount, heroes start hitting softer than minions. As a Kingston owner myself, it is disappointing to know there’s a limit, but it’s probably balanced. And I don’t think we can compare that cap to increased attack, be it a rage-type mechanic like BK or Khiona, or an increased special against a certain color like Ursena, because of the way the game calculates damage. Or at least, we can’t compare it directly, because of the exponential portion.

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