Is King Arthur useful 3/70?

Ok thanks, I will start KA. Makes me feel a little better when I consider the number of pulls I used to get him.

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Definitely don’t feel bad about pulling King A. You want all color specific def debuff heroes. Even at 3/70 he’s really good against red titans.

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I use him on 3/70 against red titan with Grimm, Ala, Wu and Kirill. KA replace fully ascended Sonya and now red titan is my best. So KA is ver usefull on 3/70.


I have spent 600 over the last 3 avalon events to try for him. After I didnt get him after my initial push, i used my scopes on Misandra. Then i did “just one more pull” and got him. I have 16 capes but now have to wait for 4 more scopes. Sigh.

But yes i intend to use him 3/70 with grimm and alaise and misandra (and Wu)

Giving scopes to Misandra ahead of KA might be a good move anyway. He’s a singular hero -def blue, so you’ll get good use of him against red titans at 3/70. He does that at full power as soon as his special hits 8/8.

Misandra is primarily a sniper, with an interesting multi-hit/mana boost twist. The game has a bunch of good snipers. Most of them are waaaaay better at 4/80 than they were at 3/70. They hit harder and are durable enough to last long enough to be useful; I suspect she is like that.


I don’t have Misandra, but my experience raiding against her is that while she can be devastating, the random factor in her special makes her a bit less dangerous than Magni or Alasie on average. Which doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try to level her right off as an alternative for wars if I actually get her.

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That’s correct statistically. Misandra’s expected damage is less than the other blue snipers (Magni, Alasie, Arthur), but she can hit for more. Her mana special is iffy, but the others are certain. Take your pick.

Hmm…and the extra hits are random, not targeted. Of course on defense, all hits are random, not targeted, so that’s less of a downside on a defense team, I guess.

Defense hits aren’t entirely random. There is some logic to which targets the AI picks, though it appears to be “fuzzy” and may target suboptimally. Misandra’s secondary attacks are worse because they are strictly random.

Uhm, I have trouble imagining it was better than random, from watching it on raids. I mean aiming an equal hit-3 hero at a corner so it only damages 2 instead of 3 is beyond sub-optimal; it is counter-productive, and I’ve seen it. (With a splash damage hitter, there are times where you want to hit a corner hardest and sacrifice splash damage on one hero, but not with an equal hitter like Gravemaker)

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My favorite is when the AI uses Lianna to hit one of my heroes with over 1000 damage… but they were down to 9 health anyways :rofl:

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What is that logic kerridoc ?

Btw - my auto correct makes your name terrific!

Who is AI??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Judging by the performance ingame, AI stands for artificial idiot.


So true :rofl: :wink:

We’re way off topic, but there seems to be a logic that selects a target based on low HP and high mana. If the target is in the corner, it will shoot a hit-3 special there regardless.


Well I’m happy I stumbled across this KA was my first 5 and then got Isarnia in costume summon but those are my 2 5s rn and was struggling weather or not to get him to 3 but already at 3-37 stats are power: 602 attack:550 defense:569
HP:1038 so at 3-70 image he’d already make a decent tank…I know he won’t be at his full potential until 4-80 but by then he’s a brute and his special is still pretty unique even after season 3 just my 2 cents :smile:

Thanks for bringing up this old post, I never use KA. I think in March 2019 was when Frida was featured, ended up maxing her and absolutely glad to instead of KA because she is so much more useful including for wars.

I’d max a second Frida over KA. Funny how time changes your perspective on heroes and this cursed game.

Lol yeah I don’t have her though…ka is still a beast .

But just got Sonya maxed and with him now TP is just under 3400 and I had a 3900 try to raid me last night and my team held…gonna be rolling platinum soon…just gotta get the rest of my other 4s maxed to be efficient

Just an update KA at 3-70 with now Sonya at 4-70(5nodes) Boldtusk 4-70(7nodes) Chao 4-70(5nodes) and Cyprian 4-70 TP 3517 is actually working pretty good in raid defense and war defense, I also have Wu Kong maxed with 4 nodes I use him more offensive then defense as my hitters are sniper’s but yeah ka at 3-70 with a good backup team is working well especially against red titans or red stacked teams

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