Is Khiona worth tabards as the 1st purple 5*?


As in the subject, is she worth to invest all tabards that I got since started playing several months ago?
I was hoping for sartana, but so far got Khiona.


Yes she’s worth the tabards.


I was in the same situation and spent the tabards on Khiona. No buyers remorse. She’s great for titans, war, raids, and really fun to use with Wilbur to see how high you can get the attack buffs. I don’t have Sartana to compare her against, but a good / fun hero.


If Khiona was fast mana, she might be arguably better than Sartana.
Khiona is 739/708/1336 maxed and Sartana is 694/700/1382.
372% hit for Khiona is 2749 and 452% for Sartana is 3123.
Weigh Sartana’s 294 direct damage against Khiona’s +45% attack on her and nearbys with the Berserker effect. Elemental link is minimal.


It is a good hero, yes.