Is Kageburado immune to counterattacks?

Is it normal that Kageburado is immune to counterattacks? There is no such note in his card.
Unfortunately cannot post a video here.

He dispels first, then cause damage. In the exact order like his card says.
Other heroes (Sonya, Caedmon, for instance) attack first, and then dispel.



yes… So that is why kabuardo is OP.
Mana very Fast, dispels buffs first, deals 450% damage (always enemy has more than 50% Hp)

kage should be nerfed xD

Not in my experience. Kage is a great sniper, but as the battle wears on, his 225% is not very effective in finishing off a wounded foe. And when a titan gets below 50%, his special is definitely limp-wristed—though he still gets a spot on my anti-holy-titan team just for his tile damage.

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If you have to enumerate the best of the best, Kage is a name you would read often…
Sometime we will see a hero with undispellable riposte. Then he will suffer like anyone else.

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Actually Margaret is resistant to any dispells so if someone puts a counterattack on her, Kage won’t be able to dispell it. I know it’s not the same as undispellable riposte, but at least it’s close :slight_smile:


Kage actually has one of the higher damage specials so Margaret would be approaching her max 90% chance for Kage’s special to miss entirely, regardless of the dispell not happening.

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True that and she’s also a Rogue so when emblemed she’s got additional chance to dodge… Still, someone sometime may manage to counterattack Kage with her:)

haha I know…
when I said “always” means too may times when you play against him hahaha xD

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nice observation! =D

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Hello let me ask something.

When a hero special has more than one effect, the effects are always applied from top to bottom?


  • Dispells enemies
  • Do damage

Will be different from

  • Do damage
  • Dispells enemies


Yes. 20 things…

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Yes the order written is the order in which the effects happen. I believe Kage is the only one that first dispells, and then hits. As opposed to Caedmon/Sonya etc who will hit into buffs and then dispell them after, taking riposite damage int he process.

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I think this topic needs to have a SOLVED : YES. :bulb: in the tittle.

As most other useful posts have stated… order of the card’s ability is how it functions. I’ve seen a couple of times this question has been asked

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