Is Kadilen worth fully ascending?

Is she worth the items? She’s currently my only 5 star green hero but I get the feeling that if I ascend her I’ll get a hard hitting green from a TC20 or something and then be waiting for items to ascend that hero, of course that might not happen for a long time but I’ve heard of it happening to others on the boards.
What advice do you have for me?

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Hold off. I’ve had her sitting at 60 for 5 months and just now got her to 70 because I had extra materials… She is only average at raid defence and good at special events.

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Certainly there are more useful 5* heroes and more useful 4* greens for that matter. Caedmon for one. Melendor and Kashhrek are 2 more imo (and yes, I have these heroes so based on my personal experience)

Do you have kadilen?

I can’t say I’d rather have Caedmon or kashrek or even melendor over a 74% special skill defence and a fast hero (i have all 3 maxed)

A lot of other healers and dispellers to choose from

The guy version is. :slight_smile:

if you want a reasonable Kadilen put her to max. I have her fully maxed and i like her and her special shield …and the good news she will be nerfed with the new update

For now she is the best fast mana that hits all targets and still gives you a great special defense. AND has awesome defense stats. Her special does very low damage though.
But I don’t dislike her completely. There are very few fast mana that hit all enemies, and if you don’t have anyone else, why not sticking with her? Unless you are thinking of trying x10 pulls on green or highly waiting July hotm, an excellent green.

Hi Denys. Hope you are well. I enjoy reading your posts!

Yes as I have almost every hero :wink: (save for 2017 HOTMs)

Never found her compelling. Always got much more utility out of Caedmon, Melendor and Kashhrek as greens. Now if he had Lianna or Zeline, then it’s a different story. But to use sheilds, tonics and a blade on her? Not when there are better greens. Just my .02

she does not deserve to be a 5* hero. She is my first green 5* hero and she will be stuck at 60 forever unless SG revises her damage to 220%.

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Nerfd or buffd two totally different things … nerf is NEVER a good thing.

Haha I noticed sarcasm from him on that statement :joy:

I like kadelin because of her fast mana generation and specia defence skill. But if u are not sure, think of other nature heroes u have u think will be more useful like Caedmon and Melendor

hehe you right. …buff buff :laughing: she got (while zeline will be nerf)

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Hope theyre not gonna continue nerfing Zeline.


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Thanks for the input everyone, I’ll hold off on upgrading her for now! I had a Magni drop today so I have a hero to work on upgrading :wink:

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Can someone paste the link as to heroes will be nerf/buff please.


Hola, como armarian la defensa?

This looks like information from the beta. While such information would be helpful to give you an impression of what’s going to happen, it should not be taken for granted.

That said, with Kadilen being one of my few 5* heroes, I’d like to know how she might be buffed as well!