Is Kadilen more viable now?

After the patch, Kadilen’s damage to all was buffed from 160 to 170%. Is she worth ascending now provided you don’t have another 5* green alternative?

I think it is for sure. It always depends however what is your aim with a certain hero. I think Kadlien is awesome in raids. If she fires her spell - it can be a game changer. (y)

The defense against special skills for all allies is interesting about her, not the damage. I’d say she can be a very useful hero, but maybe not as your first green hero. I like my Lianna better, but between Kadilen and Horghall, I’ll ascend Kadilen first (I have all three).

Do you mean on defence or offence? I have her at 3/60 right now since I’m currently busy ascending Sartana but I plan to get her to 3/70 after that and try using her in the middle for defence and Joon and Sartana on both sides, plus a couple of healers.

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Preferably on defense, yeah. As kahree writes Lianna would be a better choice caz’ of offense AND titan, but if you don’t have another 5* hero yet and you have her on 3/60 I’d ascend her definitely. That image you shared with her on the middle, Joon and Sartan - I think that’s absolutely great.


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