Is Justice worth the mats for 4/80


I suspect he is in platinum where there are a lot of Kash tanks around.


That Rating is very subjective, only a signpost. Not more. Justice is simply not good in high Tier.


No. It’s all because those heroes are about all I have in the case that I have to use Wilbur. It’s nothing about stacking against the greens. It’s about that it “works” as long as you are not against a team of blues.


Best tanks in the whole game do not attack at all, they usually heal, delay, buff, cleanse, etc.

Of course some of them, like Li Xiu, do their job while attacking, but it is not a requirement in that position (take the ultimate tank, Guinever as example).

If you have Wilbur, and if he is maxed out, one option can be flank him with a healer on one side and Joon at the other.

With Joon’s massive attack power combined with Wilbur’s shared damage, you can deal great damage in all your enemies at once.

I’m not sure if Tarlak is supposed to be a tank, but imagine boosting Joon’s special by 160%… that may be a good option on the other flank of Wilbur.


Thanks for the input. Guess I’d wait.


@Sernarok, Tarlak only increases normal damage, so doesn’t that mean special attacks remain unaffected by his ability?


Oj, you’re right, I do not have him, so I forgot his buff is only normal attack.

I think that makes him a non-tank, so Wilbur might be the best choice in there.


And a hotm that I hope is reconsidered, why steal mana, three rivals, progressively up to stealing EVERYTHING, plus other benefits leaves as a servant to Geneva.


14 darts? oh.


go for it.

while you’re at it, email me the surplus 2 darts you’ll have.



Agreed. Vivica is better than justice in higher tiers. Want proof? Look at the top 100 and count the justice / vivica numbers.