Is Justice worth the mats for 4/80

I have Joon now and wonder if I should ascend Justice the next or save up the mats.

Do you need a tank for your defense team or have someone else already?

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I say no. Run TC20 until you get Vivica.

Plenty of better tanks, and hero tokens always come around with chances for HOTM.

A lot depends on how often you do Epic/Event/Elemental summonses. If you are low-budget and need a solid tank, then I’d vote yes. That describes my alt account, and Justice acquits herself very nicely as my tank. If you pull often, then I’d wait. My main account has Justice at 1/1 and I doubt I’ll ever change that.

Justice was the supreme tank until this year, and she’s still very good in that role.


My situation is that I have Wilbur and Tarlak/Alberich as the support/healers, I thus need a tank who can attack. If a team has too many support roles, it may not have enough atk power. Moreover I have too many greens and reds queuing up for ascension that I only have the mats for a yellow or purple tank, who can attack that is.

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I’ve been waiting over a year and almost 400 trainings for her. I have Justice and use her in war defense dependent on the ‘booster’ and she’s a great farming hero. Personally I wouldn’t wait.

Then Justice is your answer, I think. There are no good purple tanks, aside from Hel (which, if you don’t have now, you’ll probably never have). Of the yellows, Guinevere is clearly the best, but very hard to get. Beyond that, Justice is solidly in the not-Guinevere-but-still-extremely-good yellow tanks.


Everyone’s opinion is quite valid. I won’t argue your reason but I’ll elaborate on mine:

My reason for saying NO to Justice is merely because there are people prepared for a Guin tank with purple hitters and, with Justice slow mana, it may be worth considering another tank. Vivica (I know, hard to get on tc20) at least heals and buff defense. Justice on the other hand, if you survive the initial blast, she’s likely dead shortly after.

When I see a justice tank, I immediately seize it as an opportunity, especially if it is a 40/20 split, because my trio of Khiona, Merlin (or 3T Sartana) and Tiburtus (or Rigard when he is 4T) wipes her very quickly. Then with Falcon and Kiril (or Bold Tusk), I usually clear the rest of the board with ease. Once in awhile I’ll drop Boomer in there if I see a second yellow on defense.

It is my personal opinion that yellow tanks need to be Guin or Vivica, just because a hitter as a tank is so easy to work around.

Not that you are wrong. Your situation and your roster varies so therefore your strategy may be much better than my own in your case.

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No, you don’t. You need attack power and utility for attacks. You only “need” a tank in your defense team for raids and in alliance wars. Justice has too low attack power to be particularly good in any other role than defense, so I’d save the mats if I were you.

I agree, I just didn’t want to wait forever and a day for Viv. I still have 14 darts and 26 orbs so if she ever pops form TC20 I’ll be set…or any new 5* yellow for that matter.

Waiting sucks! I’m waiting better heroes almost in every color. But next month event has Guinevere in it. I don’t know, do you have gems to try to get her or someone from season 2, but I wouldn’t ascend Justice yet, since you already have Joon. Second Joon might even be better.

Justice is good, but becomes an easy target entering into diamond level raids. At around 2500 cups people are going to feast on your defense at every opportunity. The down side is that after you replace Justice (and you will) she will at best end up on your “weak” team in War.

We are past-due for a Yellow HOTOM return in Atlantis Pulls. Its the only color we haven’t had so far. Delilah has a good chance of popping up. You might want to just reconsider going with another color. Did you get Aegir? Have GM? Aeron might also pop up in Atlantis.

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Vivica and Delilah makes good tank. I feel Justice is both weak on offence and defence. I generally don’t have trouble facing her as tank even if she fired twice. Her special is pretty weak compared to other slow like Isarnia and Azlar. I think even Drake makes a much better tank than her.
I have Justice still sitting at 1-1. She will be queued behind my Vivica and Gretel. I have a maxed Drake.

Ok, This is the rainbow team i am working towards, for raiding/offence.

But I’d also like to use Wilbur, so if i simply replace Zim with Wilbur it doesn’t look good to me, as i have only two attackers in the team.

I came up with the following. If it works then I may not need Justice,


So is the above team good enough for raiding/offence? (or is Wilbur correctly lined up here?)

The problem however is, I am having GM, Red Hood and now Zim lining up for the rings.

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Most serious raiders do not use rainbow attack teams, but have 15+ solid heroes we can deploy in different ways. So I always have trouble with the idea of “my attack team.”

Double red in your second example it probably fine against green tanks, but you won’t find many of those. A frequent strategy is to double up against the tank, double against the more troublesome flank, and bring a third-color healer. YMMV.


I understand. I just don’t have many heroes maxed to do that. That’s Why I am trying to build 1 core team with limited variations such as adding in Wilbur, that they can be generally good for the various situations.

If I have like 100 maxed 4* and 5* heroes at my disposal, I don’t need to focus on an attacking team.

Just up Justice as what @Kerridoc said. Waiting sucks and justice improves your team anyway.

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Right now Wu Kong is my only hero maxed. I played this game for around 5 months and remained active only recently. :sob:

I think we will see a yellow 5* s2 soon… yknow like a birdie told me

Justice is the highest graded yellow tank after Guinevere so…

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