Is Justice relevant now days?

Hi guys! I was wondering if Justice is still relevant as a tank with this new fast meta in the high lvls of the arena

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Have a look at this superb video from the preeminent @NittanyLionRoar

Top Underrated Legendary Heroes of E&P


I don’t like facing her as tank any more than Guin. A bad board vs. Justice is deadly.


I lost to a Justice tank this morning, actually.

It helps a lot if you put some emblems on her. Justice is very helpfully classed as a Paladin.


Yes, yes, yes. I have Justice maxed with emblems and she still serves me well in both war as a Tank and in raids

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In your honest opinion, how is Justice on raid offence?

I used Justice twice this morning in raid offence. She was stacked with Onatel. I was successful in both raids

For a real good player, Justice is a bad joke. I don’t recall losing against Justice, not even once. Should have a Rigard among your purples and it’s enough. Even if Justice activates, the damage inflicted is ridiculous. And the next yellow hotm will make Justice 100% irrelevant.

Plenty of people in top 10 alliances have lost to Justice tanks in war … I’m not suggesting that she’s the greatest but she’s a decent tank that still has relevance with a crippling blind that can make a win difficult when she is paired with great support.


I am not sure how you define a real good player. But I have to say that as a 5* Yellow Justice is a grade B and worthy of a place in both raids and war. She is underrated by some, but used with the right heroes in a line up she is still pretty good


You are right. And this is one of the reasons I gave up to work with big alliances. I just had enough. It is frustrating when I constantly win 6 of 6, and others constantly put the blame on board.

Stay humble my friend, stay humble.


Lol. Why should I, if this is the truth? :rofl:





Was gna start lvling justice.

Then read about new Nov hotm

After seeing the nov hotm justice is about to be irrelevant if she’s released like that. Attack, blind plus mana cut. She may displace justice and guin at same time. Guess sg wants that nov hotm money to shop in time for Christmas…lol.


Neith was already nerfed. Still very good, but Guin is Guin. Very tough, super special skill, cannot be easily displaced by any other yellow.

My justice is at 3.70 and I like her actually better on offense than defense.
I also think she’s super easy to beat when in defense because my purples have high attack (the reason why I haven’t maxed her yet) . And I don’t have a Rigard :cry: the blind can be annoying but is only punishing if you bring snipers against her. Just don’t bring snipers against her. Rather two Proteus :wink:
On offense I use her in war in a yellow stack with two fast yellows. That works quite fine. So if I finally have 17 darts and still have no other yellow, I will ascend her (currently at 15)… for offensive purposes :joy:

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