Is Justice really man or woman?

When in doubt, the angle of the hips usually tells the truth. To me, they look feminine.
As for her face, well, not all women are pretty faces. Plus, she has boobs, plus, Justice is a femenine noun.
So if you think it’s a man in a female costume with a female noun and with a no-jokes face, I rather think it’s a she, or it’ a he who believes to be a she. So in both cases, it’s a woman.
If that argument does not convince those to believe it is a she, a man who identifies himself as a man only dresses as a woman when he is going to a costume party. Does Justice looks like she/he want to dance, get drunk and tell a joke? I don’t think so.
So if you still do think it’s possible for her to be a man, you go to very spooky parties.

Ok, skip every thing I wrote. Forget if Justice is a he or a she. Doesn’t she/he looks like a very, very, very drunk person?

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I always just assumed Justice was a man in drag.

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