Is Justice really man or woman?

It is just a shape of armor. How do you know if there are ?

ok, good point… but that glance remind me my wife when i say something wrong so i’m sure she’s a she!


I think he is a man who wear with woman armor, may be because there is no suitable size from man’s armor stock… :thinking:

in italian “antico” is for male and “antica” is for female.
But he can also be a man who feels a woman :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know that shape of armor is why I am not sure. How do you think about Justice’s face ?

For me, the shape of the armour for the boobs area are boob shaped (female), not pec shaped (man). It’s really that simple to me, so she is a woman.

I think Justice’s face is look like Steppenwolf from Justice League (2017).


Thanks to OP for making me smile and laugh. For me, it doesn’t matter whether Justice is a “he” or a “she”.


For me, it’s pretty obvious that she is a woman. In french, her title is “ancienne de pierre”, “ancienne” being the feminine of “ancien” = “ancient” in english.


Always considered her as Lady Justice


The costume artwork makes it more obvious that Justice is a she:

Source: Costume Artworks - Original & Costume


Adalet is like Brienne. Brienne is a woman but like men… so adalet is a women :slight_smile:

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OH YEAH!!!:metal:t2::skull::metal:t2: My fav album ever!!!

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I also think is a woman

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Although it doesn’t matter, it’s obviously a woman. You’re confused because of her face, which looks just kind of masculine, but there are female faces that look masculine (and at the same time, there are male faces that look femenine).

Besides, the greek (roman?) Justice has always been represented by a woman figure.

Note aside, I’ve always thought Justice design is the best of the whole game.




I wouldn’t want to wake up next to her. I’ll leave it at that.

EDIT:: we should also be mindful that some languages are gender neutral so often non English speakers will post “she” and/or “he” (thanks to google translate or whatever). But Justice is one of the better hero cards.

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Y’all are too used to seeing women in makeup. Especially blondes, with light eyebrows and eyelashes that almost disappear.

Justice looks a lot like Lady Gaga. You expect her to wear mascara to bed???

It pleases me to see one female character that does not apply makeup before going into battle :woman_shrugging:


When in doubt, the angle of the hips usually tells the truth. To me, they look feminine.
As for her face, well, not all women are pretty faces. Plus, she has boobs, plus, Justice is a femenine noun.
So if you think it’s a man in a female costume with a female noun and with a no-jokes face, I rather think it’s a she, or it’ a he who believes to be a she. So in both cases, it’s a woman.
If that argument does not convince those to believe it is a she, a man who identifies himself as a man only dresses as a woman when he is going to a costume party. Does Justice looks like she/he want to dance, get drunk and tell a joke? I don’t think so.
So if you still do think it’s possible for her to be a man, you go to very spooky parties.

Ok, skip every thing I wrote. Forget if Justice is a he or a she. Doesn’t she/he looks like a very, very, very drunk person?

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I always just assumed Justice was a man in drag.

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