Is Jade worth the mats?

“ I put her in my defense team now and see what happens during the coming days.
Krampus, onyx, Garnet, cobalt, Jade (4.80 +15) and right now I have 2677 so in diamond. I use Reverse team and n the order mentioned above.”

One day is a small sample, but for the momentI am at 2734 and still in diamond. It could equally be - 100-200 so basically it is unchanged in last 24h.
I don’t want to have Jade in defense so just for testing…

I wish I had Mica to test possible synergy

Happy gaming

I have a request from you. Could you just put Jade in the middle in tbe double formation and let me know her performance? She gives dodging all the allies in case she fires at her 2nd charge. Thank you in advance.

I tested Double with Jade in middle. Then logged in with my other account to choose friendly battle. (I don’t know any other way to check your question since you want her reaction in Double).
After 3-4 trying, I managed to see her shooting at 2 charge. (The life must go low on the charge you want her to fire).
Her dodge arrow applied to all and not only her closest neighbors.

Ps. This is the good side of Double. The bad side is when enemy (e.g. Gravemaker) fire at that position, Gravemaker will damage all the team. So more defense but also more damage

Happy gaming

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