Is Jade worth the mats?

Thanks again for answering.

I am still not convinced that Jade is more productive in offence. Mana reduction in offence is usually out of control. You could decrease the mana of a hero which does not have a mana at all or you could intend decreasing the mana of a hero but you could prefer to skip it for the next turn while uncontrolably the board blinks at you for extra stones to fill the mana of the enemies :)) In such situations I yell like “STOP PLEASE”. As she is in defence, once she can fire, already fulled allies can not fire instantly. This is really irritating and decisive. :))

Mana control and dodging sound attractive once heard. However, I am still for my opinion (is not based on fully developed Jade by myself though) that no matter how much the level is Jade needs to give damage. Or at worst she needs to give dodging to all allies starting from the first charge.

That’s my opinion. However, I am pretty aure that as I stated before she has a greater probability to be pulled than other 5* ninjas and she never fulls a stomach but increasing appetite for further pulls. That’s her unique role in my opinion.

I don’t mind how Jade is gonna be in the future, buffed or how she is now. I am just in need of comments regarding Jade with emblems. So, I appreciate your attention and your effort to answer me.

I have her, had her at 20 emblems for a while and stripped them. Ran her at tank on defense for while with fairly poor results. I think she’ most comparable to Guin, who at one point was one of the best heroes in the game, but now you hardly see. Guin is probably better, as her HOT and defense vs. dark provide a better shield than the so-so dodge from Jade. I think Jade is probably a little stronger stat wise, so that’s where I’d compare them.

She has uses, but I suspect most who pulled her, have better nature choices than her. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say Horghall, even with Costume is better, though.


I watched a few videos on Youtube as she is in the tank position. She failed to impress me.

I tnink she could be more beneficial as a support hero in defence. “But” I agree with you. All the feedback I have reached at directs me into the conclusion that there are better nature heroes and S4 is coming up :))

Based on your doubts, just let her be at 3.70 and test her from time to time.

Again, I wouldn’t use her as tank or in defense, only when attacking. I think the combination of 3 charging level and mana control is her thing, give the flexibility compare to other mana control heroes.

I put her in my defense team now and see what happens during the coming days.
Krampus, onyx, Garnet, cobalt, Jade (4.80 +15) and right now I have 2677 so in diamond. I use Reverse team and n the order mentioned above.
Ps. Normally I lose 100-200 during nights :slight_smile: so let see what happens

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My other 5* green, at 4.80 if nothing mentioned;

Elkanen (can I get my material back pls?)
Ratatoskr (3.70)
Lady Locke (1.5)
Horgall (1.1)

Wouldn’t you want Jade at somewhere other than wing? At Charge 2 will only affect two allies rather than three.

I can change tomorrow and see, free to test :slight_smile:

I had Krampus at left to increase the power for other heroes and end with Jade to decrease enemy mana.

Trying to think in that lineup with reverse formation I would want at “tank”. The center spot in reverse formation is the most protected hero. At the beginning of the battle the wings and flanks can be hit by tiles from two columns each. The tank just one column. I’d probably go Krampus Onyx Cobalt Jade Garnet. I dunno. Have all of them except Cobalt. It’s an interesting dilemma to have with such great heroes. Good luck!

Thanks for sharing. I have Jade 4.80 and haven’t been too impressed. I’m probably more aggressive but will try again. My problem I think is I hold her special too long. I also focused more on dodge for all.

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A couple people have made the point here, but she could be fixed pretty easily by applying the dodge to all for all 3 levels, and then perhaps bumping the percent to make it meaningful. Garnet doesn’t heal as much at level 1, but at least heals and offers protections against SS then. For Jade to be more useful, she should see that same sort of skill.


Yeah, it’s a tough mechanic to get used to. I’m a patient player so the ninjas often fit my style. I only use Jade in my green raid mono team. Right now I’m only finding her useful about half the time. Not ideal. But I’m not giving up on her yet.

PS - ask me again once I max Toxicandra…lol


You are putting the finger on it. I guess I fire Jade >50% at first charge, just to avoid enemy to fire and I can do my things with other heroes. First charge is very very fast so you can fire a lot.
The bad side is that on those cases, Dodge is only on Jade. But again I see her fast mana reduction to all as main.

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jade has been stigmatized as worst ninja hero by mostly players here… i just think u focus on your other green and who knows SG will buff her …

No matter how hard I have tried I could not pull Cobalt. The others including Krampus I own them but I would exchange him with pleasure with Cobalt anyway :))

I plan to go for the reverse formation -
Krampus, Oxyn, Garnet, Lianna, Mica

Alternatively in the double formation -
Oxyn, Krampus, Sif, BK(Telluria), Lianna(Thor,Joon)

Jade is nowhere on this desk as you see.

I could not understand the mechanics of the reverse double formation. I just skip it when I face an opponent with this formation in the raids :))

She’ll probably get a buff… on February 31st.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
(Sorry for the joke. :pray:t4:)

Not only greens. I’ve got Neith, who reduces a 10% as well and deals damage, and I hardly use her. More than a buff, she needs to be readjusted.

Nowadays, Jade is a big NO for me. Maybe I’m so stupid that I can’t find a way to fit her in my teams.


Double has one downside to have on your defense team.
When AOE e.g. GRavemaker or Onyx (charge level 2) fire at your defense nr 3, it hit all the team!
I don’t know if there is cost to it e.g. less damage.

Happy gaming

And that is Jades strength. Slowing needed heroes (As opposed to say Telluria who slows the board starting next turn, Jade is the emergency chute when say someone really mean…ALFRIKE…is about to shoot!)

Much like many of the situational heroes…against the right enemies, they are game changers. Jade simply doesnt have the overall usefulness of her fellow ninjas.

But shes still useful, worth levelling for those who dont have better options in reserve…and most importrantly…JADE IS NOT MARGARET!

Just on that alone, it could be so much worse! :slight_smile:

I pulled her recently and will use her as Tank in this double formation: Cobalt Bera Jade Freja Cobalt. I think with right heroes next to her she will shine

You don’t need a tank as you have two Cobalts in the wings :))

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Yeap, one of her problems.
Mageret does most things a lot better than Jade.

Only if you value mana cut above damage + mana regeneration + protection against fire heroes + selfimmunity against dispel + higher dodge for more heroes, Jade is your hero.

After my first review in the Ninja thread nothing really changed. Since than I tried her in some pvp fights, most of the time friendly matches but still meh, and used her once on offense in a no heal tourney, but she didn’t worked there either, too slow, too less impact.

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