Is Jade worth the mats?

I haven’t seen any topics discussing her in detail (or other ninja heroes). She seems to be the weakest of the ninjas to me. So of course I get her. Is there anyone who’s maxed her and doesn’t regret it? She seems to be sorta tanky but lacking something extra: some damage or a heal as she barely does anything.

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You too? Btw, I told my friend I will get her. And he said: Of course you will (no irony here). And I did. :joy:
So I’m also interested in what people have to say about her.

She does 2 things: dodge and mana cut. Its good skills. I do agree that people aint talking much about her. But in my opinion, Mica is worse than her. Mica should have been designed as the 5 star version of Wilbur. Instead, we got a yellow Aegir.

Edit: sitting on over 20 tonics, all i ever wanted were Kadilen’s costume so I can ascend the original version and max the costume version. I also wanted very badly Frigg. Even Mother North or Lady of the Lake. But alas, SG aint giving me them.


To me, Jade’s one interesting chicken nugget. People just chucked her back in the box & forgot about her, but I’m still looking at it…

People say she’s not good, but I’ve spotted her on leaderboard defense teams a few times. She may not be the best, but I’ll confidently tell you from lack of experience that she’s certainly not the worst.


I got her last October and she’s still waiting on the bench. I’ve got a some green heroes to max before her.

I shared my opinion in the ninja thread and I still think that she’s the worst ninja. Cobalt is able to trespass all counterattacks at 100% in his third charge, so Jade should have 100 % of dodging in the third charge and her special both in the first and the second charge should be for all allies so that I could consider her a decent ninja. Nowadays, she’s rubbish.

Mana cut and dodging is kinda ironic, because you “want” that the enemy releases his special attack.
I’d prefer that she hurt a% and removing the mana cut.


To be fair, her mana-cut happens once while her dodge works over 3/4/5 turns. You are correct that it’s not great synergy, but both can be pretty powerful on their own. Neith reduces mana to all by 10% (and does some other things), Li Xiu does 20% to all. Jade does 10/15/25%. Takes some getting used to, but it can be handy and game-changing. As with all ninjas, much better with three charges than 1, but I agree that Charge 1 should offer dodge to all allies even if it’s only 25%.

She is the tankiest of the ninja. I have her maxed and I’m considering emblems. Not sure yet. I have Garnet maxed at ^20 and just pulled Onyx yesterday. Thinking of having some ninja fun with them.


Yes, due to her stats, she’s the most tanky (apart from Garnet, which is a nightmare for me).
I want to combine her with QoH, as the synergy between them is interesting, but it’s a long term project.

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Agreed. Garnet can be a nightmare. I’m using her as tank right now. Haven’t had many issues with the few Jade tanks I’ve seen but Red is by FAR my best element. I can bring the pain there.

QoH would be nasty/nastier with support from Jade. Taunt with +74% defense vs specials and potentially +75% dodge vs specials? Yes please.

Eh? And here I thought Mica is the tankiest among the bunch because he is paladin. Where are the ninjas when I want them.

Yeap, perfect.
Jade, Garnet, Mica, Onix, Cobalt.
Ninja defence. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I have Jade at 3/70. I have a very good green squad with Evelyn, LotL, Frigg, Telluria, and Morgan all fully leveled. I can’t figure any place I would really benefit from max Jade very much. I guess that could change if I had more ninjas to pair her with.

Along with Jade I have Lianna, c.Horghall, Elk, and Kadilen waiting for tonics. I think they go to Lianna or even c.Horghall first. :man_shrugging:

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She is by far the worst ninja among other ninjas. She was supposed to give dodging chance to all other allies starting from 25% to 75%. She just gives herself 25% dodging chance at her first charge which is too weak to be at the same class with other ninjas.

The level of mana reduction does not matter in my opinion. Not matter if it is 1% or 25%. Once the mana is reduced, the enemy can not fire its special skill instantly.

Margaret and C Kadilen are way better options in dodging as they deal damage too.


I think she’s okay, could be a bit more well planned, but okay. For me the problem are the comparations: Garnet, Onyx and Cobalt. They are far away stronger than 99% of the heroes, Jade included even she’s from the same portal.


The mana reduction is equal theory has been floated for ages. Its true on immediate firing ready heroes. They are charged, then they arent. On RARE occaision, a 25% reduction is more than a 1 because it takes only 1 tile to return to ready status. from a low reduction…IE a peripheral single colored tile that was caught in another colors bomb explosion. With a 20+%, you actually need strings to match…else next turn is not the turn. could be 2 or even 3 turns to get it back to ready if the colors arent favorable. Doesnt happen that often that it takes 2 or 3 turns to get a 3 match, but it does happen enough there is a tangible difference.
Still doesnt make me wanna level Jade quickly. The lack of assist beyond the obvious is disappointing. Other dodge heroes give a mana boost for successful dodges, Jades card doesnt brag it so I presume its not there. In addition, Jade dodging a miserable 25% solo at level 1 charge is not at all impressive or functional. Its means jade will fail to avoid hits 75% of the time on single charge. If 4 heroes shoot and 3 hit, its usually gonna be death. If the 1st dodge were 50%, or even 40% x3 heroes, then maybe its becoming statistically useful. at 55% on up it then becomes valuable…definitely so if the mana increase for a dodge were present. as it stands, Jade becomes useful only at level 3 which is often too much time and work. And the lack of any other buffs aside from enemy mana reduce and team dodge, no health, no d down or O up, and only affects self at l1 charge…
Naaa. just…misses the boat due to comparison to other ninjas that work better and make victory easier (Granted, mostly on offense)

Thank you for your comments. Ninja event is about to end. It is only event that I go for spending sum. This time in February I spent quite a sum so that I pulled 4 Jade and one Mica. Previously in December I had pulled 3 Jade, one Oxyn and one Garnet. This distribution is possible, yes. However, very unlikely. I believe that SG let pull Jade more than others. I am sorry to claim it here. Jade is the chosen weaker one to push the p2p players to spend more and she will stay the way she is as a part of this strategy. I could be blamed that I can not prove it but…COME ON.

It is not an answer to you TLK. Just wanted to share. :slight_smile:


since I have 1, and I dont really need any greens right now, I have the choice between Heimdall or Jade, but even though Heimdall is the obvious choice, its not THAT obvious as I have 7 or 8 levelled greens already. The next one no matter who probably rarely gets off the bench regardless, so its not a worldbreak decision.

I may play with Jade just to try and find a spot. We all already know Heimdall. He is a very good tank, borders on great, he even has great wing potential. Slowness is his only serious drawback and it is a serious drawback on offense. Ill give jad a try to 370 1st, and if its unimpressive entirely Ill still have my tonics

Share your experience when the time comes please.


I have tested Jade (4.80 +15) for a few days, in company with other Ninjas (not Mica).

In my gaming style, I use Jade for mana reduction and it works very well. Thanks to 3 different charge level, you fire base on the situation.

Basically, if wrong enemy is ready to fire and you can fire Jade before enemy (first charge level or more ) + avoid meeting that enemy with titles then you have a chance to change the situation. If something goes wrong, e.g. more tiles go away then it is useful with dodge that is activated.

My experience is that heroes that influence enemy mana are very useful in difficult missions.

My own overall rating is that I am satisfied with Jade. But I understand that more players prefer the more active heroes Cobalt/Onyx and Garnet.

Happy gaming

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I own 7 Jade (one is at 3/70). So, such information is precious to me :))

Putting Mica, Garnet and Jade in the same team does not make sense in my opinion as they make it too defensive and less entertaining. I can make up the trio to get full family bonus with Garnet, Mica and Oxyn. Would you exchange Mica with Jade? If no, how close is she for a possible conpensation?

Thanks again.

I am not always using healer in Raids, hence I would rather use Jade than Garnet when attacking. In harder map or quest I would use both.
Ps. the only 5* healer that I fully developed is Garnet and Rafael. My other 5* healer are at 3.70

As mentioned, manipulating mana is important part of my gaming style just to change the situation or get a new chance. I wouldn’t let Jade be in defense team but Garnet.

Mica is also a mana manipulative hero, but instead increasing… I think it is a matter of taste if increase “your mana” is better or “decrease enemy mana”. Obviously SG think enemy decrease is slightly better, hence lower level at Jade? (I think it is lower % compare to Mica , I am not sure)
At difficult quest I prefer enemy mana decrease, Jade decrease every enemy.
At Raid I would rather having Mica.

I would be happy to get the last Ninja, but I know that statically the chance is smallest to get the last specific one.

Happy gaming

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