Is it worth the challenge

I have only dabbled in the challenge events a bit but the rewards I ever received have not been anything special, so I was just wondering if it is worth going through the hassle in completing the challenge events

You get 5 unfarmable mats and 2 golden tokens just for completion. Of course it‘s worth it


Completion is worth it. Competing really isnt.



Instead of saying 20 characters, the only way you will advance in this game is through the acquisition of non-farmable materials. The completion rewards for Epic & Legendary are quite valuable and always worth the challenge, even to the point of spending 75 gems for a continue on the last stages.

Rare? Not really worth the effort. Personal opinion, that.


Completing events is worth it and easy enough to do. Build your 4* roster and it isn’t a challenge to complete and earn unfarmable ascension materials which will further your roster’s progress.


:100: agreed! 20 character

It’s worth it if you care about 3* ascension items. Once you have 25+ of each you stop caring as much. Rare quests on the other hand are always worth it - don’t think anybody has a stockpile of 4* ascension mats to the point they won’t ever need more.

Anyone who’s asking if events are worth completing because they’ve never bothered before clearly doesn’t have a stockpile of ascension materials. :sweat_smile:

Yes, events are definitely worth completing. If you have a team of maxed (or nearly maxed) 4-stars, it’s easily doable and well-worth the time.

It’s probably not worth trying to compete though, not unless you have 30 or 40 of the best heroes maxed out, hundreds of top tier battle items, twenty or thirty flasks, and the time it takes to replay the levels a gazillion times: only the top 10 rewards are worth the trouble, and they are absurdly competitive.

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True but world energy flasks are absolutely critical.

I agree the Rare event expends too much WE for the return provided but having the ability to refill my WE at any time in the day (eg when I finally have a free moment!) especially when multiple events or important quests are on is absolutely gold and I’d finish Rare event just for the WE flask.

Otherwise I wouldn’t bother frankly


I am really annoyed to see a monthly event competition, competition is only the strongest team that always gets the prize while those of us who are reguler teams will never feel it

Urrgghhh… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I have 25+ of eaxh and still try to snag every unfarmable mat i can. Prefer to have and not need than need and not have. Especially since I’m taking every 5* in my roster to 3/70 for war depth(well all except my 2nd aegir).

Like to have as many team options as possible in wars. Plus classes may make more 5* dupes worth maxing, having them at 3/70 will make it a shorter trip to 4/80 as long as i have the 4* mats needed.

Just my 2 cents though

This is my fourth monthly challenge. It’s the first time I’ve completed the epic challenge. I have made it to the final boss in the legendary level too. I don’t expect to ever be in the high placement zone. I’ve still enjoyed playing it. I will say I have burned more battle items than I probably should have.


Competing in these events is the only thing resembling competing against other players in this game. I wish there were more of these events.

I’m really just talkin about the events where you can only use three star Heroes. Is it worth putting the effort into leveling up those three stars heroes for the events where you can only use three star Heroes

I’ve been playing for some time now (about 1½ years), and I do not have any 3* heroes. They just take up room and I do not consider the challange event for 3*-heroes to be worth it.

Thanks I appreciate it

Apparently the new class system requires certain categories or types of heroes for class quests so I would save 3* until then just to see what is the situation