Is it worth retraining these heroes?

So I have a few heroes in line to retrain. Not sure if I should so that’s why I’m asking for any opinions.

These are the heroes that I might retrain:


Now I do have double Devana & Leonidas. Not sure if it’s worth retraining any of those heroes or should I keep some?

I would advise ONLY retraining duplicate heros. I would never retrain my only copy of any hero.


retraining only S1 heroes since you can always get them back for free.

sacrifice non s1 heroes if u have the dulplicate and if they are worst performing heroes


Start with the dupe Leonidas and you can just use whatever you get back, to put it back in for the next round.
Until you get lucky, than you have to decide which hero you will use next for retraining.


All for retraining dup leo as everyone else says. Otherwise unless you’re hurting for roster space, I wouldn’t feed away single copies of unique heroes.


Agree with rest, only retrain your dupes for now. And try to keep 2 copies of your 5* non-S1 heroes

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Start with Leonidas and then see who you get back.
If you bake a new S1 hero feed that back in first if it’s a duplicate.
I retrain all my S1 duplicates first


Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated.

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A lot of the season 1 heores I would only ascend if I got the costume. And if I get their costume, I’ll get a brand new hero with it…so I retrain them.


Question. How many Guardian Jackal do you have? If you have multiple of him for Mystic Titan I would retrain the spare Leo. If not it’s worth keeping IF you have the roster space in case you get a Costume Leo. It’s a big IF, but C. Leo has one of the best skills in the game (elemental defensive down)… In the meantime, assuming you don’t have S1 dupes… I’d use Hero Academy to train up troops. It will take 20 attempts on average to get a non-S1 hero from HA10… You could get lucky… But it could also take way longer :grimacing:

Devana’s dispel and anti-bera minion is also worth keeping two of in my humble opinion.


Awesome. Those are good points there, thanks for those tips. I do have Leonidas costume as well. So do you recommend keeping both Leonidas & leveling both of them or just one Leo & his costume?

Id keep both being you have costume def max one… depends on yah other holy options if to max another right away. Will be handy for MT or war


Yeah that’s probably going to be my plan. Good thing I asked cuz I was about to retrain him lol I have so many other holy heroes in line but I guess I gotta see which one is best for the teams I have.

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Oh & by the way, I don’t have any Guardian Jackal unfortunately. My pulls aren’t that great lol

C.Leonidas should be in line to max before just about any other Holy hero. His costume will make all of them better.

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Awesome. Good to know. I was gonna start leveling up Gullinbursti as my next holy hero but in this case I will start on Leonidas.

Ooh, hold on there, Gullinbursti? If you’re short of healers he would be my first choice - he’s slow but the overheal is great. He’s also 4* so you can max him a lot quicker than a 5*. Leonidas immediately behind him though. If you’re fine for healers, the Spartan goes first.

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I don’t have a yellow healer yet. I only have Rigard & his costume, Sabina & her costume, Kiril & costume, boldtusk & working on melendor.

They’re all good and they all do something different. I tend to prioritise 4* because they can be up and running faster and cheaper, and a lot of people consider the piggy to be an honorary 5* (as indeed is costumed Rigard). However, don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of opinions on the forum and they won’t all agree. In the end it’s your game and if an elemental defence down sniper is what you want/need right now, go for it. Don’t leave Gulli on the sidelines though; he is very useful.

I found it quite amusing how everyone was saying “don’t worry about Leonidas, you can always get him back later” etc, as indeed I would have done, and then it turned into “ah - you have his costume? MAX HIM NOW! Possibly two!” Not all costumes make that much difference, but Leo’s does.

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I think that’s the pathway that I will take. I will max out Gullinbursti since it’s faster to level up a 4 star. After I will go for Leonidas. Thanks!


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