Is it worth it to drop $100 on 40 legend pulls?

From the beginning of the event I purchase the 32,99 Euros offer,its the only offer that gives you 30 summons with that price,since now i have pulled Frida, Natalya, Sartana, Grazul and twice Hel,6 heroes with 180 summons. Hel both are duplicates,I have a fully ascended and emblemed one from Atlantis portal. The odds are not good but always i hope for someone from the upper shelf like gravemaker or Drake Fong,anyway whatever you decide good luck

Well, she is pathetic, so good luck with that!!!

A sure fire reason why you should not summon quirky attractive looking hero cards. She is totally worthless imo.

I’m curious as to your rationale - how is danza superior to her?

Well if you see 100$ as a spare change, go for it. I would, if i were rich :rofl:
I used to buy last day offer but as it got me no 5*, i stopped spending… Nice heroes in the portal, awful odds.

No, definitely not. You’re much better off going for S3 or waiting for S4. There are a lot of not great heroes in Legends.

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I bought the last offer hoping for Malicna (just because lol). I got Gravemaker and Isarnia.

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In my experience…NOT for a F2P… you already know it is totally luck based and these 30 pulls mostly bring season 1 heroes…

Goodluck if you decide to tryout.

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Stay f2p! The odds are terrible in all summons.

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I know you hate him and particularly have had a pet peve with him, some of us have, as I have.

I never said that he was superior as he is afterall a 4* and she is a 5*, what I did say was he has alot more going for him than she does.

He has 2 really good alternatives and one really bad one which freezes his mana but that’s for 2 turns, 2/3 he shines and at times in my experience sometimes more, and sometimes his been a pain in the bum.

With new HOTM, she has 3 alternatives, 1 great and 2 really weak ones…if one of the 2 really weak alternatives trigger, its hardly game changing and if the 1st alternative triggers awesome however if the opposing team cleanses… Well there goes that special.

Yes the same could be said for Danza but atleast if/ when he refires he has a chance for 2/3 great specials.

Her elemental link of mana is pretty great, but the place where I can see her shine is against Titans in mono team.

I actually do really like her, I hope I get her but I can’t see her past 3/70 unless SG starts dropping mats everywhere like it’s Christmas then with the overload of mats I would fully lvl her… If I get hero from a freebie token somewhere.

My defence team upto lvl 32 - lvl52 was, gormek, Danza, caedmon, kiril and cyprian and those 5 really got me far while I at the time was working on 3 other 5* hero’s.

Let’s put it in another way, MALICNA IS A BEAST, and the portal is spitting her out like candy, so then manyplayers are very happy to have her, those with limited hero’s and those with unlimited hero’s, many lvl her and use her… Then what happens… She might get a tiny nerf or nerfed down to the ground like tel, vel and many others in history. Like what is the point.

TO the guy who wants to spend $100.00

In today’s current game play, if you are a newbie, semi experienced or long term, wether you are ftp,vctp,ctp or ptp, the game in today’s Times is very unbalanced, they keep releasing more and more op hero’s making it particularly hard to aquire unless you have 1000’s to throw away and making it really boring fighting and facing repetitive op opposition. I DO NOT CONDONE NERFS, I’m super against it 100% but if infact they knowingly know what they are releasing… to REBALANCE the game they should unnerf previous hero’s and bring old ones more up to date via buffs or updating the cards, THIS will create so much more diversity, we will have unweakened counter cards to use and when you take on an opponent you actually have to think about what their special is, what you can and can’t do, what heroes you have that works well ect rather than oh… Frigg, I’m going to red stack… Yes, but to a point that’s not actually what and how the game is solely meant to be played.

So, Malicna, yes awesome, but most definitely not awesome enough as in today’s unbalanced game, you need fast hard hitting hero’s or hero’s with a bit more boosted stats that also give you diversity to help you in many other ways and events until they balance the game .

OR for those whales that have doubles, triples if the best op hero’s and over +100 5* who spends thousands monthly on the game, Malicna is right up your street as you have a deep bench it leaves you unaffected whatsoever.

I know SG is a business, but let’s say 1000 whales spend $1000 bucks per month, that’s awesome business for SG.

Let’s say, the rest of the player base 10million x$30 for a 10 pull per month, that’s Superb business.

Rest of the FTP players, well remember, if they have a great opportunity to enjoy the game as much as anyone else does, these players are free advertising and will recommend their friends and family generating more income and personally I wouldn’t be surprised the ftp treat themselves to a 10pull at Christmas or something as a treat… But as the way things are atm, hmmmm.

You do the math, what I cannot fathom is, SG will cater for the whales, they are happy, they will all compete with each other using the exact same hero’s, it’s super boring, as for the rest of us even more so… And with limited mats and hero’s and broken nerfed hero’s, leaves the game super stale making most of the players stop spending completely apart from the whales.

If you don’t have many hero’s and want to throw away $100.00, do so in the costume chamber and no where else. The odds there are way better and if for some reason you get unlucky there, the 3,/4* will help you tramendously in various events.

All odds are really the same 2.5 for. Legendary. I’d say Legends, Season 3, or Season 4 releasing end of march are the places to go for some big pulls

I’ll say it again. Today’s $30 offer for 30 pulls is the best value summons offer in the game.

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TOO long @Kerrang, Miss talking to all my friends.
Fell from tree stand in first week of October and fractured L2, L3 and L4 in back. So basically I am bed ridden. I just now getting where I can stay up a tad longer, but NOT near enough.


Hi @Rohn :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry about your woes…Get Well Soon!

Being bed ridden is NOT fun!

But very glad to hear from you and that you’re mending✨


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Absolutely not, a million times over

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If you’re gonna drop money into the game at this point I’d wait for the pretty op s4 heros coming soon or costume summon. Hopefully you can snag a great costume like kadilen marjana or Leo

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I did plenty of pulls this time and earned nothing but disappointment…
That’s the sad truth (most of the times…)!

You could buy this instead:

Or some groceries other than ramen.
But $100 is a whole lotta ramen!

If you want to waste money on some pixels that will be obsolete in about 6-9 months. Costume portal later this year will have some horrific nonsense in it.
Those pixels might even last a whole year! But $100 probably isn’t enough

T-mobile has the new iPhone for a hundo
Just sayin’

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I’ve got now 24 5*s 3 of which are hotms 11 came from tc20 2 from ehts in hundreds of pulls over the course of 17 months…although I do use costume kadilen and Elena on my raid and war dt (which really just gives Elena better defense) my only non s1 on that team is misandra only 5 I gotten from s2 and it works well costume kadilen was probably the luckiest pull I’ve ever gotten used to have king Arthur on my DT but now he’s strictly offensive would be nice if they made him fast he should be…but costume dom is also a hero I use every day on my dark mono.

So yeah if not s4 costume portal is awesome to spend in if you’re gonna …its upped my game alot

In think they are in it for more than $12 million per year. :thinking: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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