Is it worth it to drop $100 on 40 legend pulls?

Wait for costume event. You have Kadilen. So just go get her costume.

Also, you have Joon/Marj/Magni as well some others.

Best to have costume for all of them.

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The casino always wins. Remember that. “Oh look there are people that already pulled a Legend…so I can too, if I put some money in it”. You can. But you won’t.


S4 incoming this month. Better pull there rather than small odds of ToL.

S4 heroes are OP, menawhile ToL heroes can be obtained freely thru HA


The house always wins “overall” but it needs individual people to win so others see that happening. That’s why people gamble in the first place. You don’t always lose in a casino if you know when to walk away. It’s just a case of can you afford to lose what you walk in with and you walk away if you get up. I have rules in a casino and I’ll always play by them. The fallacy of being hot is exactly that. But I digress.

Some people will always win because the model actually needs people to. We post our results online, in chat groups etc etc and people will get envy.

If you decide to spend then don’t spend more than you are happy to lose. If that’s $0 then don’t spend and that’s cool. If you are happy to lose $30 then al good, summon and see what happens. You have the same chance of a 5* that everyone else does. Same as my lucky 19 having the same chance on the roulette table :joy: Which does come in from time to time or I wouldn’t play it.


If you want to pull at legends wait for the last day and the 3000 coin offer for $30, then spend the other 70 at another event.

so, a quick look in my inventory

  • atlantis coin
  • challenge coin
  • costume key
  • epic hero token
  • epic troop token
  • legends coin
  • tower coin
  • valhalla coin
    next will be the S4 coin
    and gems of course
    many many opportunities to spend your money

That’s rough, man. We’ve all been there.

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No! Just NO!!!

20 times no.


Feels… I have stopped using summons portals in the short term…I agree it is all getting out of hand!!!

So I dont think the tavern of legends portal is as bad as its rep. It is all very dependent on where you are with your roster.

If you are only missing a couple of the previous Hotm’s (or there is just a few of them you would like) it’s not worthwhile.

It is the portal I have most used to develop my roster however as there were a lot of Hotm I was missing that I wanted and I still have S1 holes ( I dont run a TC20, prefer the feeders instead) I have picked up a number of useful additions from here over the time which have helped improve my depth.

The last day deal is I think still the cheapest 30 pull available, plus it gives lots of flasks for AR. This has accounted for most of my spend previously. However I have now reached the stage where it is more beneficial for me to level what I have and devote future spending to troops instead.

I certainly wouldnt suggest spending 100 on this event, but depending on your individual needs the final day deal can be of use to plug holes.

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Not worth it, on the last Valhalla forever I spent about $500 , bought all offers and then even those many 10000 gem packs…guess what is the probability of getting a 5 star ,zero…can you believe, even I emailed SG and they say it’s totally fine to do 7 ×10 pulls , 1×30 pulls and about 30 pulls with coins and gems and not get a even single 5 star …SG said the system is totally fair…you tell me how is that fair…I am.not spending even a penny now…


I humbly agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

Lol, that’s so true in Valhalla odds, OK, since Valhalla started, yes, I have bought deals and used some tokens, and since the season started, I didn’t have 1 single 5* from Valhalla, I’ve become super disappointed,refused to spend… So saved up all tokens, finished Valhalla, used all tokens for pulls, I really wanted featured gefjon or any other, and I got Baldur, yay,… No, cmon Baldur, out of all hero’s, out of the featured hero’s and non featured hero’s ect I got this donkey baldur, I’m stewing!

It’s fair because those are the same chances we all take.

The odds of a 5* is low and 130 pulls with no single 5* is very bad luck but it’s not broken. It’s entirely possible you pull 2 5* back to back from coins as well.

The odds are the odds. We roll the dice and take our chances but at some point you have to have the self control to stop throwing more and more at it. Sometimes a bad pull needs you to walk away before you jump down the hole that only ends with regret.

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Yes “IF” you think 40 S1, 3*s is worth $100

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Hi @Rohn :slightly_smiling_face:

Long time no see (lol! :slightly_smiling_face:)

I’ve actually been trying to craft a good response to the OP, but tbh, you said it best imho✨

Straight and to the point (as brutally realistic as it is), the fact that an investment of $100.00 + applicable taxes/fees will yield 40x 3* heroes is highly likely.

Thanks for keeping it real🙂

Kerrang :turtle::guitar::turtle:



With that roster, your best bet is probably Season 4

The heroes tested in Beta are very nice with unique game mechanics never seen before. Similar to Valhalla Realm Bonuses v3.0



I do not recommend Tavern of Legends, see notes


Click for notes


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@sft1965 Exactly. I really don’t think it is worth it to spend $100 on 40 Tavern of Legends pulls.

@MarzipanCorsair Welcome to the community! I’m vc2p, and I wouldn’t spend on Tavern at all. Regardless of whether I’d really like any of the featured heroes.

In case you haven’t already, check the summoning odds. Unfortunately, even if you spend $100 you’re much more likely to S1 3* and 4* dupes.

If you really want to pull, I’d suggest Costumes, S3 or S4. Maybe wait for Kadilen to be featured hero in Costumes.

If you aren’t already, save as many EHT as you can for MN, and save all your challenge coins for LotL. Good luck with what you decide. :smile:


The result one gets from expecting nothing and getting anything on two free pulls from playing the game is better than doing nothing and expecting something. :man_shrugging:

After they stop you from spending $ on this garbage portal, you and I should talk about pairing up heroes for attack and how to build a roster for hard hitting teams.
Margaret is trash (spare me the “but the buff”. She’s still garbage)
Telli is useful, but definitely not great. Especially on offense.
LotL is not in this portal. Neither is Mother North or C Kadilen. Not sure if you thought they were or was just speaking in general.
Now Evelyn… she’s the cornerstone of a great green attack team. But I’d wait till she’s in the Atlantis portal as a feature hero. Same for Kingston. He’s in the ToL portal but I’d wait to try fir him in the Atlantis portal. He’s excellent for a green attack team as well.

In the end, no this is definitely not the portal you want to put $ into. The $30 deal that @2mv4rr31 mentioned is solid. I have gotten Kunchen, Onatel and Gregorian from those deals. I’ve also gotten nothing from them. It’s a total craps shoot and the odds definitely aren’t in your favor.