Is it worth it to drop $100 on 40 legend pulls?

Long time F2p player here. I have spend about $100 over my couple years playing so I’ve acquired some non-consequencial 5 star heroes in that time.

I’ve recently pulled Bertila and I really like her, but she really shines on a green-dominate team which I am flat-out lacking in.

Telluria is obviously her best teammate. But also mother north, lady of the lake, c.khaliden, Evelyn, and Margaret are good choices too.

Would it be a waste of money to try to pull some of these heros, being that my heroes are mainly S1? I also need other pulls for different comps so if I don’t get green I still benefit from 5* legends.

My current roster:
Greens: Khaliden(max), Elkanen, Horngall, Bertila
Reds: Marjana(max), Elena(max), Azlar
Blues: Thorne(max),Magni(max), Aegir(max), Isarnia.
Yellows: Joon(max), Justice(max), Vivica(max), Melosi
Purples: Victor(max), Quintus

in a way, yes. I would rather wait for the $30 deal and get 30x single summons over a 30x and a 10x

No! Tavern of Legends still has poor odds and while there are some must haves in ToL there are portals with better odds and better hero options.

Costumes Portal gives options for S1, Valhalla heroes still great and the new season opens thus month with new heroes. All in my opinion better options than ToL.


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Excuse me, is it me or you said you choose tavern of legends between all the portals to stop be F2P?

Calm down sir, breath slowly. We are here to help.
Have a sit.


Don’t waste your money, that 40 pull will get you a certified 36 x 3star hero’s and if you are really lucky maybe 4 x 4star hero’s which you might already have, and maybe just maybe if you’re super lucky maybe Malicna hotm which, well, 4* danzaburo has more working for him than she does.


I suggest the following perspective:

You are paying SGG $100 because you decided to donate money to a company which develops a good game that you enjoy. As a small token of gratitude SGG will give you some in game gems. Now, $100 is a lot of money, the virtual goods you will get from these gems for sure won’t worth $100. If you expect them to be you will be disappointed. You paid $100 to support SGG for their game.

Now that you have these gems, what would be the best in game decision to use them? I wouldn’t recommend Tavern of the Legends. The portal with the best chances to get something better than vanilla S1 is the Costume Chamber; and if you are looking for a smaller chance for a very good hero I would suggest the Valhalla portal.


I won’t gem summon from ToL. Just a matter of principles. It’s a terrible portal IMHO.

However…it does have the cheapest 30 pull in the game and IF I decided ToL was worth it in the future I’d buy the final offer for 3 months and not summon once and then from the coins gained playing and those I’d have circa 97 pulls. Then I’d hammer it. Spend them all at once and see what I got.

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If set on tavern I would wait until the last day for the 30 pulls for 30$ deal and then save remaining $$$ for season 4 or for for when your dream hero is featured in Valhalla/event/costume etc. Best of luck on summons however you decide.

Better to put that money on costumes. You can reuse them on every instance of classic hero, and many of them are more powerful than about half of the old hotms available here…

People tend to forget Legend Portal was reworked and it no longers have the worst odds in the game - quite the opposite, chances to pull non classic legendary are highest compared to other portals @ 3.3%.

But if I was F2P and was going for a yolo once-in-a-lifetime 100$ pull, that’s not the place and way I would do it.

First wait for decent HotM as Malicna is terrible. Then wait for decent offer to squeeze the most of those 100$. Then choose the best portal with best featured heroes (Ninja, Valhalla, Costumes). Then pray to your gods.

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I got Jean Francois and Grimble for that type of outlay. While you may get “lucky” you may still not get what you want.

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The first part you said is true, this part is false

Tavern of Legends portal is bad, mmm’kay? Wait for Valhalla… or wait for Season 4 heroes. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

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If you don’t mind summoning 39 or even 40 s1 duplicates… Yes…

You’re low on other portals heroes. Why not to try s3 or Costumes instead?

You’re literally thinking in summoning the WORST portal ever in the game, you know that right? Not mentioning Malicna as HOTM which is not like the best option possible… And… Mystero…

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don’t waste your money on this portal. If you want the best use of your money spend it on costumes were you can get the hero+ his/her costume or Valhalla for specific heroes, or wait for season 4 to drop.


Meanwhile Valhalla has the same f… Odds than ToL.
Wondering nobody noticed that yet.


For 5*… agreed… but both costumes and valhalla have great 3s, and also 4s that can be used in place of 5*s…

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Legends portal is a scam. Go for costumes instead, I think.

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Don’t feel bad I dropped several hundred on Legends and got the same results. I stopped wasting money on legends. It seems I have better luck on the seasonal events than Legends, Ninjas, Season2, or season3.