Is it worth Isarnia and Leonidas?

My friends is it worth Isarnia and Leo?

Leonidas waiting for 1 dart and Isarnia 1 cover. My first 5 *

I will not pull any more, I just got Wilbur, Sumitomo, Proteus, Grimm, Gobber and Agwe.

In my opinion, they’re not the best in their respective colors, but they’re both good heroes. I’d say go ahead and ascend them unless you get a different 5* before you get the ascension materials for them.

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current 2200 cups. I wanted to get close to 2400 my goal is to just open Diamond Chest

Go for Isarnia first while wait for other yellow 5*.
Isarnia is one great hero in all event - especially against titan due to her reduce defense even thought she’s slow but she’s consider the best among the blue TC20 heros.

As for Leo - same as you i am still deciding whether should i level him up as well.


Leonidas got better recently and isn’t horrible, but Id stay away from isarnia unless you need a Titan damage boost and that’s about it she sucks otherwise. We just had Athena as Atlantis Hotm and she’s much better.

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Isarnia is a very good, I think you can raise her up to 3/70 at first. It’s unknown will you receive Athena or not. Leo is very mediocre, I don’t like him

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When was Athena in the Atlantis aummons?? We’re on the 2nd Atlantis summons she hasn’t been in one yet. Last month was Hel and Perseus.

Ya my bad she WILL be in Atlantis lol. I’d take Athena over Isarnia any day.

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Athena/Natalya will be coming up sometime soon altho Ares/Alby are the two best heroes in the game

Yes, but nobody knows when it appears. We waited Athena/Natalia this time, but surprise: Ares/Alby.

Isarnia is a great hero, but she needs to be maxed in order to really shine. I use her mostly everywhere. Yes, Athena is better, but unless you’re willing to throw in an indefinite amount of cash whenever she shows up in S2, she’ll probably remain a wet dream…

I recently maxed a Leonidas, but wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t already have Joon and 6 additional poison farts. He’s decent, though.


Ascend them both fullstop!!! As you‘re no Spender there is no reason to wait for a 0.2% chance on Athena. Forget these advice and ascend them. You won’t regret it


Isarnia is definitely a good hero, anyone that says otherwise is giving bad advice.


No it is not.
I have both Athena and Isarnia maxed and i don’t regret it even one bit.

Sometimes i even feel Isarnia is overall better.


I’ve got them both maxed.

Isarnia is awesome - useful in every aspect of the game (raid attack and defence, war attack and defence, events, Titans, farming). I think there is an overwhelming case that she is the best trainable blue 5* - one could even argue that she is among the best 5* heroes including event and HOTM. The only reason not to max her would be if you really dislike slow mana heroes. (But that would be silly.)

Leonids is just okay at best. I might have made a mistake levelling him, but I’m not swimming in 5* yellow heroes and I am swimming in yellow ascension materials. His special is too targeted to be useful on raid and AW defence (the AI is stupid), and not really punchy enough to be useful on attack - I’d argue that both Joon and Justice are superior in both facets of the game. He’s boosted my score against purple Titans, so that’s great, I suppose, and I guess he’s also worth something in those events where having a second strong yellow helps. He’s no good for farming. But his mama builds fast, so yay!

If I were you I’d hold out for Joon, Justice, or one of the many vastly superior 5* yellow heroes you can summon.

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I have to (i can’t really believe myself i saying this) defend Leo a bit here.

In the very possible scenario where both Leo or Joon can shoot an opponent but can’t kill it (because both full mana and full health) i find the mana cutting tactical better then blind status, as it give me 100% chance of delay it and don’t receive damage, or (even better) don’t let them cure themself (because blind is useless against healers)
So (sometimes) having Leo is not bad at all.

Of course i’m talking about attack.
Defence he is really bad.


Leo can be a pain you know where if you’re blessed with bad starting board. His mana cut and self heal keeps him alive long enough to allow other heroes to charge and it can be rather quick end for the attacker. But it can be said about every other possible tank in the game, so I wouldn’t put money on him on defense:-) Although I’ve lost few raids against him, that’s for sure.

I do not have an original tanky hero, guess my next defense team. Can I keep 2300 cups?

I concur, Isarnia is a good tanky hero:-)

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Both are worth zo max. Isa was my first 5 and never regret it …as for def i didn’t use her since my Magni is ready.

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