Is it worth a shot?

I was wondering if someone could give me some advise on the event on the intermediate class. I’m using what I got other then maybe switching Berden out for Kiril 46/2 but I don’t see that as a improvement. I have made it actually with ease to the seventh level on it. Is Boomer earning that last trap tool he needs or is he going to go home crying. So my question is it possible with this team? I plan on switching out one of the potions for the 3 bombs I have on the last level since I havnt used more then one anyways.

lol dang a.d.d.

What do you have? Need to see your team and your bench

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Thx I already had the screen shot but my puppy started talking to me.

You may as well go for it.

I didn’t think I had a chance at finishing but with a little luck on my side I did

This is what I used.

I did add some bomb attacks for stage 10.


First, I would put Boldtusk front and center. Flank him with Boomer and Chao, with Bane and Berden in the corners.
Second, if you have bombs, bring those. And mana potions, instead of the healing potions. Save them for the bosses.
Try to heal, charge your specials and set up combo moves at the end of the second wave, before moving on to the bosses. Leave one enemy on his last legs on the end and ghost tiles in the empty spaces.
At the boss level, unleash all your damage dealing items and specials before moving a single tile. Focus on one boss at a time until they’re gone. Use the mana potions to recharge for a second round of specials if you need to. Then set off your diamonds on the board to finish off what’s left.


That is what helped me. They were all almost finished off before I touched a single tile. Everyone was charged and had small man along with direct damage. None of them got a special off.

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I would say that your team looks a lot better then mine though. Was it close or did you stay confident? Also someone told me that after a team revive for 75 gems if your team dies again you can pay 100 gems for another revive. Never had my team die twice but I’m sure I would know where I stand after the first death. Right now a hidden trap would be worth 175 gems to me to get Boomer maxed. Sucks a got my two 5*s watching from the bench. Don’t a deep bench though.

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Along the way I lost a couple rounds. But succeeded the second time.

Reading the forum and realizing I could research bombs friday night made stage 10 a lot easier. The 3 bosses are for real.

To be honest I wasn’t to confident going through. I was almost happy getting through 4 but keep chugging a long.

Thanks for the info. I always ghost and have every one charged for the next wave. I only have three bombs but they are coming with me. Oh yeah and your set up is actually how I have them but Boomer and Chao reversed. Ill switch them. Made that team just to snap shot it I did have healing potions instead of mana potions but I switched. Do you know about revives? Someone told me that after the first revive for 75 if you die again you can revive for 100 gems.

Right. So what about the second revive. Do you know?

I am not sure about revives. I didn’t do any. When I lost just waited for energy and tried again.

I did some stupid things with gems early on. So I don’t use them for things like that anymore.

I feel yah I’m a light spender and who knows when ill see another trap tool.

That is very true. I have 8 trap tools. But Joon is my only close to fully ascended hero.

I am missing hidden blades. Got a few Red close. The 2 on my team above plus Nat. Lancelot coming soon.

Will need to find some gloves (only 1).

It is a grind. They will come sometime.

Yes, a second revive is 100 gems. It brings your heroes back at full health, with whatever mana they had when they died

Who is the boss’s on the final level that you. Started this this morning and I’m down to 30 min. on the final level trying to be prepared

In the last stage (level 10) the bosses are Gunni, Arthur and Morgan, and the monsters are blue and green. Good luck!

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Boomer for the win. last man… zombie standing.


You have 8 trap tools and I need 1, I have a ton of gloves. Isn’t that how it always seems to work!

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That is exactly how it seems to work. I read all over the forum. People have what I need but don’t have what I have. Guess that is the randomness of it all.

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