Is it true that Valhalla Forever has a max of 15 gnomes per day, instead of 20 per day?

As the title said, I kept count of the gnomes drop during the past VF and I think we should get a clear answer whether there’s been a change or not.

This is one of the posts regarding the VF:

While this is the post regarding the new Season 4, Tremors of Underwild:

I think it’s time to get some official answers. Maybe I was wrong (I hope that I was).


Yeah. Good question. Not that I have ever reached 20 within 24 hours before. But 15 yes.

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And did the game let you know you’ve reached the limit after getting the 15th gnome?

Nope. Don’t recall that but that was in the first few VF when VF started.

I haven’t hit 15 gnomes within 24 hours in the past few months of VF.

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Both of your quotes say the same thing. I don’t understand your concern. Have you checked here whether you have reached the limit?

Yes. 3 days in a row I got a warning I reached the limit after 15 gnomes.

Searched the forum a bit but only found some discussions and this, but no official statement other than your quotes.

This is why I created this topic, to get an official statement

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@Guvnor Any hints? Anything that we missed despite forum search?

I’ll try getting some answers during the current Valhalla Forever. I don’t think I’ll reach the limit since I’ll be on the road for this week but anyway. So far I got 3 gnomes.

it’s 15 per day; same as it will be, by default, for s4 >>> update to v48



Then, they “forgot” to let us know the change.

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