Is it too much for you? February 2021

I agree, although it’s RNG again for the final crate, some users get a 4* mat, some don’t - I was one who didn’t.
If the 4* mat was a definite reward from the crate, then it would be better. I have completed both NT so far and want to finish this one too but if I don’t then “oh well” since I am only going for the individual rewards (such as from what you randomly get from completing floors, and from those crates). The rewards for tier at the end are a small bonus since I will always only be top 5% or 10% or maybe even 25%.

A pull for every 10 levels would be really great. It’d be a nice reward for all players, and provide a big incentive for f2p to complete Ninja Tower.

I do Ninja Tower for the emblems, but now that it is raining emblems, the main rewards of emblems is less appealing to me.

They don’t disclose the % to get a 4* mat for the last progression chest. I suspect it is around 2%, like top 1% for raid tournaments … It would be a very welcome improvement for more pulls and/ 4* mat for completion.

If players feel more rewarded, they will continue to play and spend! Obviously.

I have never finished ninja tower because it’s just too long. That spam of events and missions at the same time is just TERRIBLE, I had said that to a friend in RL before.

I hate complaining about it though. They never gives us anything except the materials and keys in those quests but the queue is for sure a mess. So I’d like to keep emblem quest, material and mascarades quest outta this.

Now the Ninja tower is the most boring thing ever done to a mobile game. Events are tiring, repetitive (all look the same, honestly). I only finish them for the epic tokens.

Just venting tho, not super upset about it. When I find it boring I just don’t play. The rewards are always herbs and bones and maybe 2 emblems anyway, screw it my time has more value.


Don’t have much time to spend on this continuous with very less time frame… Bye Bye Nija Towers, eating lots of mats, producing ■■■■ of ■■■■.

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after toxicandra disaster , we all saw masquerade and i bet ninja will be quiet for player pulling , those whales already got the complete set of the ninja heroes, and the small fish just scare to pull …the euphoria must be in valhalla forever …for those whales spending a grand like a buck so they just want prestige to get the hero premiere featured…

Minor adjustments solve this issue with ease. Stack a flank. Use more aoe. Run 3-2. It isnt particularly difficult…

I was busy all day yesterday so could only log on as I was going to bed. “Had” to do Pov dailies, emblem trial, raid tournament, ninja tower and 6 war hits. I enjoy most of these things normally but it was just a slog yesterday.

Fortunately I’m usually better able to time things so they don’t all stack up at once, wouldn’t fancy doing what I did yesterday more than once in a blue moon


Ninja tower. Is so tedious. Completed it the last two times it appeared but just got bored this time. No incentive to finish it as I missed flags. 5 levels a day much more manageable and not as dull and repetitive.


That doesn’t sound relaxing, especially before going to bed! :sweat_smile:

I think it is too easy for things to stack up at once. Sometimes, we just have to pick and choose what to do.

For me, due to the time & battle items needed/not so attractive rewards, Ninja Tower is not worth it.

It genuinely seemed harder this last time, despite having strengthened some heroes. I’m not entirely sure, but I seemed to get more unavoidable curses. I also used more battle items, and didn’t bother to finish it.


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