Is it too much for you? February 2021

You come across as quite upset with no 1 WE Rare 3 in Villans. Not saying I don’t understand. It’s just that challenge events were originally 10 stages, and in the case of Villans, it makes sense to readjust the WE cost.

Anyway, to further explain my point: Thanks to the reschedule of challenge events, they clash with Trials. We used to have a window of about 12 hours after the challenge event finished, and then complete Trials.

So there’s that. On top of that, we have Costume Chamber AND a Rare Quest on at the same time.

We had Villans finish. Bam! Straight into Costume Chamber. Plus Shrikewood. After Costume Chamber? Bam! Straight into Ninja Tower.

Ninja Tower is five days long, with 50 stages. It caters for the long term/end-game players. Regardless of the time required, it is already on top of the usual titan, war, chests, POV. Tower energy does not stack either.

We also don’t know for sure when Mythic Titan is next week. I can see it starting up right after Ninja Tower finishes. :rofl: Thankfully Mythic Titan flags stack.

It’s been a long time since I was a newer player. I can imagine it is different coming to this game, when you have only experienced it at this level of busy.

And before anyone brings up players complaining that there wasn’t enough to do in the past, I wasn’t one of those players. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My topic is a first world problem. It’s not the worst issue in the game. I still think it is worthy of discussion.


No, wait, are you kidding me?
Hope that’s not the main reason for it.

I just mean you can be an ultra competitive player, and work as a professional IRL.


Sorry, but i guess he could be much more professional without it.

Nothing against it, long live to him.

Maybe. Maybe not.


I think the issue is that a lot of people that play this game are completionists (which is funny as it never ever ends…)

So all this content HAS to be played and it HAS to be finished. Which of course it doesn’t.

We don’t have to play anything, SGG has just made a game that has gives itches that have to be scratched I guess.

If there was nothing to do then people would stop playing…I guess the question is when is it too much? Masquerade I can finish from 1 full allocation of WE flags…then I just let it recharge over the day and did Shrikewood last night. It didn’t consume my life, I just did them in the time I would normally do so.

My only complaint about NT straight after an event is my items are seriously depleted. But even then this is just because I’m still trying to finish my food storage levelling for my HA 10 so Iron can be seriously short at the minute. Next month that issue will be gone again so I’ll have no issues making items quickly as needed.

But if this is stressing you out then take a break. It’s just a game, a distraction from real life. Not a 2nd job or a distraction to real life. If it’s getting on top of you then step back. Presently I don’t have the resources to get back into the top 1k of legendary in events. So whilst the competitive part of me really wants to I have learnt to let that go and just finish top 10k. Did all my work Thursday and Friday and that was that. No stress over the weekend (well…a little as I thought I had been too relaxed :joy: But I squeezed in 9500 ish)


Honesty it’s not that hard .
It’s all about good planing.
At first it’s not easy but once you get used to it it’s easy breezy .I couldn’t go back to less competitive aliance . Tired of begging people to hit titan and other things.

Will not compete in Ninja tower, because of the whale candy giveaway that is the ninja portal. All things Ninja must go away.

Also, since raid formations are only available to those with HA, but the rest of us still have to fight the new formations, I will boycott the arena for the next month. Totally unfair to newbs and guys who’ve been playing 17 months but haven’t built HA.



The rewards did get better the second time, to be fair. (Those bundles after every 10 levels help.) Still think there’s a lot going on. Ninja takes a whole lot of time later in the week – not so bad on Wednesday and Thursday, since there are less levels.


I’ve seen f2p teams that beat the ninjas both in diamond arena and in alliance wars. It’s doable. Let those who pay for pixels have their fun and dream of supremacy here. Don’t spoil it for them.

That seems to be illogical. Why boycot the arena. You will miss on a lot of loot from the hero wanted chest. Just drop your cups lower and you will probably encounter no one with the new formations. I also agree it’s sad that those are available only to the older players, which severely increases the power gap between them and the newer players, but if you happen to meet someone like that on lower arenas (say gold), simply reroll.


I finished everything with time to spare. My teams are finally strong enough and I do many challenge events on auto because I just don’t care about rank. I just want the finishing rewards. I’d drive myself crazy doing min maxing games and picking the best team for each level. That’s just not an investment I’m willing to make as this is a hobby and not a career.

However, now that ninja tower rolls around I’ll probably do 6-10 stages comfortably and then just quit. The rewards are ■■■■. It’s just not worth it. I guess I sound lazy, but the horrible RNG rates and the bad rewards have just turned this game into a “do the bare minimum and hope that you get that one nice reward you get every four months or so”. So I’m a bit apathetic at this point. Just doing my best on dragons and war for the guild, and then trying to finish events without too much effort. I’ve worked minimum wage jobs before and this games pay off feels like minimum wage. I feel like a 14 year old paperboy playing it.


Since formation are new, people are yet to understand sinergies to take advantage of that and may just want to try something new for fun.

And that’s why ironically new formation for now could make things easier in attack and not harder.


I’m not happy that you can only earn a single pull, that’s if you can complete Ninja Tower. It would be nice if they could readjust it to two pulls, especially since it is 50 levels, and it is held bi-monthly.

I’m not happy with the strength of some Ninja heroes either. I generally do not support nerfing heroes, once they’ve been released though.

It is what it is. There are bigger issues in the game, such as upcoming costumes for non-S1 heroes and Hero Academy.

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You sound smart, not lazy to me. :wink:

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If you’re playing 17 months and didn’t build the HA yet how is that the games fault? I had the HA built 10 months in. I’m now just shy of a year and finishing level 10 of it now.


The feature shouldn’t be limited at all. Some of us put our energy into roster depth, since its actually relevant to gameplay.

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But when the game changes other things become relevant to gameplay. Just as rush events make slow heros better.

The worst thing in this game is going all in on one strategy such as mono teams to break a tank - which is a strategy thwarted by raid formation changes.

I’m very glad to see people having to think and be strategic and to have these things always changing.


I agree. It would’ve been nice for all players if you didn’t require Hero Academy. I guess it’s an extra incentive to build it?

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When you consider the effort, and the fact that you either use a lot of items, or have a lot of heroes that can be cursed, I don’t think it would be a bad thing if you got a pull for every 10 levels. SG should reward everyone now and again. And more FTP players would complete the ninja tower if there was benefit to finishing the ninja tower that was worth the effort.


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