Is it too much for you? February 2021

This is a super busy week in the game. :sweat_smile: I’m so glad that Villans was only 10 stages each tier, but once it finished Costume Chamber started up right away. And once Costume finishes, Ninja Tower starts straight away too. :rofl:

In the background, we have alliance wars, titans, monster/raids chest, raid tournament, monster/raid chests, POV…

No one is forcing me to participate in all the events. :rofl: I’d just prefer it WE costs were reduced, and we had more time to “breathe” between events.

Yes, NT has its own form of energy. It would be nice if the tower energy could stack.

Are the back to back Villans/Costume Chamber/Ninja Tower events too much for anyone? For me, I think it will just passable, since I didn’t compete in Villans.


And 2021 is even worse :joy::rofl:


Thanks @princess1. I’m still living in 2020. :rofl:


I think most of us are perfectionists and we take pleasure finishing it all, being content and keepin’ on grinding.

It’s fairly easy to waste all day playing this game and it takes a philosophical effort to recognise we have to let a few things go…

Personally I agree this is too much and it’s leading players to addiction. But SG’s purpose is to make money anyway they can, not make sure you can breathe and have a life…


I guess I’d rather have events on than just random farming personally. But I definitely don’t do any more with challenge events than play each level once to finish it.


The dreadful and exhausting ninja tower long chore will be waiting tomorrow (at the same time with war, pov, tourney and non stop events etc)

SG should really reduce all the stage lest players feel burned out, not enjoying anymore, feel like chore, and leave this game when they reach their boiling point.

Today, my 2 mates already decide to leave the game because this game already feel like chore and they’ve burned out and reached their boiling point.

More members might be leaving soon if SG doesn’t reconsider about this matter


I just skip the ninjatower event (or do like 20 stages). The first time it ran, I realized after 10 stages the effort is not worth the rewards.
For me it is a good choice. It lets me play a couple of days on 50% and that makes the game much more enjoyable


I’ve been sorting what I like and what I need for some time. As always, I will pay little attention to the Ninja Tower. I don’t like it. To sum it all up: yes, too much.


This month it is a bit, mainly because I always have a busy February IRL I wont bother with trying to get 10 flags used every day for NT this time round if some days I get 10 and others only 2 or 3 that’s fine.


I’ve started to asking myself if people really competitive (talking about top 10 alliances, top 10 in events) have the time for anything else besides playing. Really.


I wonder; if both Atlantis Rises and Valhalla Rises are still going to run each month, AND S4 is soon to come along with all the other weekly and monthly quests/events, how the heck can players get time for this? I begin to feel a little burned out …


I consciously decided not to compete in the Villains event, as I didn’t relish the prospect of replaying all weekend.

Best decision I made last week!


This is the reason why I left a top alleance (more than one year ago!) and I’m not competing anymore on events.
And now it is even worse!

Very very happy with my experience, but now I feel that the game is more enjoyable with a soft approach.
If I have time and I’m in the mood to do something, ok. Otherwise I completely skip it without any regrets.


I’m glad to know others feel the same/similar as I do.

I don’t see the game getting less busy anytime soon. :sweat_smile: I think I feel somewhat rushed when I see too many WE/time/battle item intensive events on at the same time/close together.

I guess I just have to expect this clump of events whenever Ninja Tower is on. So every other month, while it alternates with Tavern of Legends. :see_no_evil:


Don’t want to troll or anything, but i used to envy that people much more in the past.

Now i see those on top and think that yes, i would be really happy to have just a bit of their heroes, but also know how much time and money they spent and think to myself i probably don’t want their life.

Money maybe, but it is really too much time.
Time that you don’t really live.

I probably spend half of that, and it’s still too much.


I guess that the Challenge event is only intensive if you compete. If you don’t, you just take your completion prizes in the first hours and then you have 3 and a half days to do whatever you want. Like farming rare 3 for 1 World energy and the xp…oh wait…

The Masquerade quest can also be done within several hours, provided you reserved some WE for it…or you can just wait, rest, relax for day and a half and then complete it 12 hours before it ends.

Same with the Tavern of legends.

So I don’t find these events to be that much real-life time consuming for the experienced players. Also the easier stages can be put on autoplay.

I guess if you’re experienced enough and know your drill, the Ninja tower also could require only several hours, or let’s say 1 hour each of the four days it’s running to complete entirely.

It’s only natural for E&P to stack events like this to compete with other games of its genre, nothing unusual there.

IMHO in the end important thing is what you value more and what you have more. If one has lots of free cash but little free time, then that person is best suited to pull with gems, skipping most of the events. Then of course comes the question of why such a person is playing when they don’t have the time…If one has lots of free time and limited cash, then the stacking of events should be even more welcome to them. If a person has neither…well…then I suggest they take it as casual as possible and don’t try to complete everything, just participate in what’s currently up and running I guess…


I opted out of the first Ninja Tower. Gave it a go for second Ninja Tower. I would complete one stage only for some loot, or go with the flow, and only do however many stages you feel like doing.

I’m sorry not one but two of your mates left the game. My alliance has recently lost more than three long term players. These included a co-leader who was fun, knowledgeable, and killed it on titans/raids/challenge events. He reached his limit, and like others have done before, fed his heroes to a 1*. :cry:

It’s sad whenever someone decides to leave. For me, I find it a bit easier when I understand their reasons. That, and knowing that they’ve freedom from the money/time drain. :sweat_smile:


:rofl: I know at least one player in the sometimes #1 alliance, and has been #1 in challenge event holds down a job as a doctor.


Good point. I suppose I can see them reducing the duration of Valhalla Forever to fit in S4. They have already shortened Atlantis Rises at least twice IIRC.

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For all the top players you see on the leaderboards, there must be quite a lot more players that have spent considerably, and have not that much to show for it IMO.


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