Is it too late to level Lixiu?

With your roster, I am not sure why you would bother with Li Xiu. If anything, it is too early to even think about leveling Li Xiu :stuck_out_tongue:

It is never too late for pure collection… but to level her past 3.60 it’s a waste.

Agreed. Finish off Gretel (at least to 60). I’d use darts on Delilah, personally.

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Ikr, so much unfinish project. I should give leo some love too. :wink:

I should cut off my yellow collections.they are becoming too many.

I had a very hard time choosing to ascend my first yellow 5s. I literally had to close my eyes and let my hand do deed. And i also know it will be harder to choose between my 2 healers when the next set of darts come around. Viv is just too powerful to just disregard her but Del is the right way to go about.

I know what you mean. I just find that with the amount of mana control heroes around (Merlin, Hanse; & Gretel, Natalya…) it is a lot easier to manage Viv when raiding against her. Delilah gives me more trouble.

My choice was easy - I maxed Delilah because I didn’t have Viv! I did, however, just pull Viv while getting my Panther last week, so now I have to think about my Viv in hand vs. a possible Guinivere or Joon…

Why not - one more yellow to use on a purple tank in AW :slight_smile:

PS - she’s good at farming too with average mana and attack all.

I would rather level any other yellow hero than her. Take Leonidas 2/60 and second chao 3/60 or send yellow feeders into other heroes you wanna level. I see getting LiXiu to 3/60 as a waste of ressources. I got her on 4/70 and barely ever use her