Is it too crazy to wait for Magni?

Hello everyone. This is a blue ascending dilemma.
I have the chance to ascend either Fenrir or Skadi.
If i ascend Fenrir i have around 500 emblems to use on him. However i have two tc 20 running with the hope of getting Magni.
Is it too crazy to wait for him and keep hoarding emblems? I have made the calcs and i like Magni final result vs fenrir final result once emblemed.

Its speculating… but Magni is a hero that could be obtainable being patient.

Hoping for advise

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How about Hero Academy, are you close to using 10?

Me personally, I think Magni is much better than Fenrir… and I have both maxed. But you can always use emblems on Fenrir, then reset him and move to Magni at some point. 500 emblems aren’t enough for the expensive levels yet…

Im not close enough. I have recently unlocked AL. I have to update it still and keep upgrading my iron storage a little more before keep upgrading the SH.

Yes , in the case i opt for ascending Fenrir theres always the choice of in a future i could reset the emblems . The drawback is that you loose the iron and the food.

Thanks for your feedback

On defense I’m never worried if I see Magni or his costumed counterparts.

Fenrir has wrecked my day more than one time. I don’t know how Anchor grades the two, but Fenrir can get low, make everyone miss, and revive until he heals himself.

Now I can’t speak for Fenrir on offense, but, again, Magni rides the bench a lot of wars and is way low on emblem priority. Thanks Telly.

Hope that helps.

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I searched for it and magni has better grades overall

Fenrir at left colum and magni on the right one. B+ vs A-

I don’t see anything in Fenrir that would make him better than Magni. The conditional attack only make sense in heavily minioned enemy who also somehow has below 50% HP which is a rare situation. Fenrir will either deal small damage or kill an enemy that would be dead of any sniper hit anyway. 50% hp is about 600-700 HP, what’s the point of a hero that can deal 1600 dmg in that case… it’s just bad design of a skill.

Now I know it’s not a “Why Fenrir is underwhelming” post, but in comparison to Magni he just loses terribly, and I can say that from experience of using both for quite a while… (well recently Fenrir got benched forever as I started taking Misandra in his place for my blue mono…).


Fenrir is a great finisher…i don’t regret ascending him but i already had magni…
Magni on a 50% hp buffed target is not a guaranteed kill, fenrir is.
Skadi is great for this meta with so many tellurias around

Green is a pretty solid color against Telly and Magni is squishy to a match 3 on even a 4/1. In a war, that on a flank might prompt my 6th team being reserve greens, if I’m looking to exploit a weakness.

Costumed Magni +20 might be another story.

Costumed Magni as a tank can be really bad scene. Him flanking Telluria is more frequent. His vanilla version is less threatening because of low defense, but today I had one reviving on me four times, and that potentially means somebody biting the dust.

Otherwise I don’t have Fenrir, but I do have Magni (or three of them). There is still chance getting his costume and his costume version is apparently well liked (and fast defense debuff is nothing to sneeze at). His vanilla version is okay too, I have mine at +12 (will go higher but all Iron went to HA Lv 10 currently). That being said I am not a big fan of waiting for hero, so probably would go with Fenrir. I ran 3x TC20 for a year before I managed to snag first Lianna, and I am moderate spender. Could happen same to you with Magni. Also I have Kage so Fenrir would nicely complement him.

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I’ve yet to see a Magni be the decider on a defense to anywhere near the extent Fenrir has turned around a battle on me, and I see way more Magnis.

Neither one are great on defense IMO, just had more notable Fenrir problems, and I did feed my Misandra the emblems.

I have both…indeed I have C-Magni and Fernir

I had Fernir first and I leveled up. Kingstone was my fighter and I stopped to emblem to him in orden to give emblems to Fernir.

Fernir is fixed in my attack team. He finish the damage and he is very useful against minions.

Telly or Freya or any other with less than 50% of health and a minion…Fernir strikes and fed her hungry stomach with only one bite.

Then I obtained cMagni. Right now they are fixed in my 3-2 attack team. CMagni strikes and Fernir eat.

Impresive heroes both. Level up Fernir without doubts.

I have Fernir (+7) and CMagni(+4) and Kingstone(+6)

My usual attack team is: Alby(+11)-Kingstone-Frigg (+2) right now-cMagni and Fernir.

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Don’t buy the "Fenrir is a great Finisher" hype.
Maybe 1 out of 100 matches your Fenrir will have an enemy with 49.99% health and 3 minions. The rest of the time…

Here is what a charged Fenrir does 99% of the time:

  1. Nothing, because all enemies are over 50% health so you must sit there and wait!
  2. Waste his skill because you didn’t wait…and do chump damage.
  3. Kill a hero that any other blue sniper would also kill

Hands down…


To each their opinion i guess.
Even a defense buff on a telluria means that magni cant finish his target while Fenrir can.
Happened to me quite often not 1 out of 100.
Magni is solid but way too squishy.
I like to use both magni and fenrir for a guaranteed kill.
Costumed magni is another story

P.s. i think that both of them are not so great on defense

Do you have a Fenrir?

With 2 TC20 you can wait for Magni for years. I’ve been playing more than two years. At different periods I ran up to 3 TC20 and yet got no Magni.
I’d use what I have at hand now.


My defense is fixed for vela right now. Shes doing ok. I dont see fenrir being on vela level on defense.
Having vela and c.richard makes me want even more magni as i need a blue sniper to fill that role on offense. I have triton but is not the same

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Then save up to 10-12 scopes and reevaluate ascending Fenrir.

Heck, with those two Fenrir could work probably.

Double edit: immediately after spending all my scopes on Richard, the game threw me Miki. You could gamble on the game being spiteful and throwing you what you don’t have mats for. That has a high percentage success.


I see a possible future for Fenrir. If anyone puts a new meta with some of this Max Health boost. Or minions madness keeps developing.

I think it’s too bad that Fenrir wasn’t a red hero where there is a severe deficit of snipers.
I would have a more heated internal debate for ascension, if this were the case!

But they made it a color which has the most snipers.
And for right now…
The remaining HP is a bell curve: And is less often in the 40-49% range. Seems like my 3.7 Fenrir is devouring heroes with 15% health most of the time.
There’s not enough HP left to matter. Alaise, Alice, Magni, Finley, King Arthur. Athena
I’d even take Richard or Thorne over Fenrir. They all do the job, with some selfless perks to boot.

For now…

@Cruzcampo. I have 2. I played him a lot at 3.7 and wanted to like him. But the 3 things I listed above was my experience with him. 99% of the time…
So now he’s warming the bench. If I start seeing my other blue snipers struggling from one of the aforementioned possible dilemmas. I’ll give Fenrir another look.

I’m not holding my breath though…


Another thing to think about:
Are those strong Blue Tiled boards that come 20%
From the not so random RnG

A charged Fenrir with no heroes below 50% does happen… and when there are more blue tiles lined up, do you bite the bullet? Or waste the tiles?

None of that is an issue for consistent snipers.
Especially for the color whose theme seems to be damage. Strong blue boards are fantastic for Magni

He, like Fenrir, also won’t kill a hero over 50% heath but… Magni will do enough to get it within range of death. And protect his neighbors while he’s at it


Use the heroes that you have. If you have reset emblems, then get him up to tier7 while you wait for Magni.

Fenrir can become very fast as there’s a good chance to find a target with minions and /or less than 50% health.

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