Is it time to re-think Damage Over Turn skills?

It’s funny you bring this up as I’ve been, inadvertently, leveraging Marjana’s DOT special way more in the last week or so… However, it’s always a nail biter. Will it stick long enough ? Will it cause enough damage ? Will it get dispelled ? I love Marjana/Sartana, but it always feels like they’re very powerful, but just not quite enough. Say like Lianna as you’ve already mentioned… As for Azlar/Colen where their initial damage is less but higher DOT. I think once you develop a good strategy against them they become more of a chore, i.e. set up Richard’s special, hit Azlar/Colen hard to bring their HP down but get them fired up. Get hit by them, dispel then finish them off and out of the way…

Enter June’s (potentially ?) HOTM - Gravemaker with his very fast mana, “low” hit BUT strong nearly 300 damage in just 2 turns… Now that’s something I can get behind.

I’ve always thought 6 turns on DOT was way too long to begin with. They may have to decrease the number of DOT ticks to 5 or even 4 if they’re going to continue to introduce this new generation of heroes with faster mana and shorter DOT ticks. In short. I make the Marjana’s & Sartana’s of the world more desirable by shortening the DOT from 6 to 5 (at least) but keep the same total damage. I want to feel the same sense of urgency when I get hit by them the same as when I get hit by maxed Lad Lock. Gawd, how annoying is that ?


I agree, I like those shooters myself and won’t miss them. I don’t own Sartana but Perseus - and he’s the same class.

And yes, Colen and Azlar are causing damage in a way that it’s not good related (and there are some others who should be adjusted).

And like @Elpis +1 for @FraVit93

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Love this idea @Wormwood

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I like this idea, but if you’re going to do it this way, why not take a page from Gravemaker and simply have them do their DOT in fewer turns. This makes them a much more immediate, devastating threat.

This is how Lady Locke worked before they tuned her, and everyone hated it. It’s too easy to debuf these effects before they do any “real” damage.

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Exactly my thinking!

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Maybe an idea could be to make them incureable

Possibly, but I don’t see the strategic value to choose a delayed effect hero over a similarly powerful (or even slightly less powerful) direct damage hero if the certainty of a big hit in 4-5 turns is all they have going for them. (read: my team could be dead before the final tick of that DOT!)

The successful delayed damage heros all have something else going for them:
Azlar/Colen: hits EVERYONE
Natalya: Locks down mana
Morgan: life drain and def boost vs fire.

Maybe there’s a theme that Marjana/Kelile/Nashgar could reduce defense to red while the burn is going on? Or that Sartana reduces def to dark while the poison is ticking?


Are you guys really suggesting for marjana and sartana to get buffed? Lol

Ok defence I find the extremely effective, the 20% attack boost, making them one shot some 4 stars and if they don’t the DOT will get em, on attack they are great aswell


Getting hit by a level 80 Nat is pretty much a death sentence with the slow mana, especially a green hero. If you have a curing hero Azlar/Colen can be dealt with but Nat just ruins your day all day if she fires her special off. If they were to have her dot finish off any quicker she would be hella OP imho. People can try to tell yah a healer can nullify Nat but guess what color has all the good healers for the most part and any Nat user will almost always fire the first shot at any healer so…:grinning:

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One elegant solution I like is to have the first instance of damage happen immediately, rather than after one full turn. This would make the DoT more threatening, especially for heroes with no immediate damage like Natalya and Locke.


What if poison ramped up to guaranteed death after 4 turns?

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Yes, less rounds of DoT for more damage is also a option but I’m more for the cool/unique factor :stuck_out_tongue:
If the poison damage could result underpowered a buff to the direct damage could solve the issue.

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Well… I think we’re brainstorming here. I don’t really expect Marj or Sartana to be buffed, but it’s fun to think about!


Rather than make it incurable, or increase in damage over time - poison should instead have an effect. And it could be different depending on the character but as poison courses through the veins perhaps it causes a steadily increasing blindness, or a defense debuff that grows over time.

To me there’s nothing wrong with the way the poison damage works just that it does not feel like a poison

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What if DoT’s were based on time instead of turn? It would force an opponent to act quickly and induce panic when necessary… lol :wink:

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Hey there Avi! Happy birthday man! (this is Rancid P. by the way :wink:)

Love the discussion.

Well, I have Sartana, Marjana and Azlar (Lianna too!). I have Azlar and Sartana on my raid defense as they compliment each other nicely…good mix of fast mana single hitters and slow but devastating area of effect monsters like Azlar.

To me that is the rub. Mana speed. Yes, Azlar hits everyone but his slow mana is the drag on his effect. Sartana, as a fast mana dealer, will fire off at least twice (or perhaps 3 times if you’re lucky) before Azlar hits. So in effect, her area of damage is larger by firing at 2 to 3 targets before Az erupts.

I also use Wu a lot in raid offense and I know it goes against “Wu orthodoxy” but firing Sartana with Wu active does allow her to single shot the enemy. I use Magni and Marjana similarly.

What am I saying? Frankly I forget…in a food coma now. Lol. I guess I like the strategy involved with DoT heroes. I often pick opponents who can’t cleanse so her damage will do its full job. Plus I like watching the life drain out of the opponent! Muuuaahaha. Azlar makes a crappy tank on defense…easy to knock out before his special fires. He is far more problematic in the flank position.

Bottom line, I think things are for the most part properly balanced with these skill sets. Cool topic!


I like the idea of burn tics starting stronger and fading away. Poison ramping up also makes sense. But that kind of defeats the purpose as poison will probably never reach max. Poison also usually has some kind of debilitating effect. Maybe an attack debuff? 20%? Maybe a low mana gain penalty? Heck, get creative, if they die with the poison dot on them, Alby can’t bring them back!


It would be cool if Leggylass came in a rainbow of colors, not just green.

Make DOT 1 turn would make it better for the hero’s owner.

This comes back to the question- Why cannot all heroes be good?

Answer- most heroes are based on Boss mechanics and few people want Vampire Lords ( Sartanna) with 1 turn DOT or Dragons ( Azlar ) with very fast mana.

Most HotM have fast mana speed, because fast mana speed is king. But Gravedigger ( very fast mana with 2 turn DOT ) is a HotM that you can skip in raid/ war by not attacking. You will have to fight Lady Locke every 3 months ( current schedule ) or 5 months ( future schedule ) if you want the Challenge event rewards.

Some heroes are good, some suck, most are in between. Same with the bosses they are based on.



I like the idea of Marjana and Sartana giving an incureable DoT on the target and the number of turns should be shortened to 4 turns with the last turn as a sure kill to the burned or poisoned hero.


I really don’t think either Marjana or Sartana need to be more effective than they are right now and changing their DoT damage to be stronger would just make great and desirable heroes even better, while there’s a whole group of heroes that are treading the useability line.

I have yet to find someone rolling Marjana or Sartana and going “meh, that DoT is too weak, I’d rather have rolled XYZ”.

As Elpis pointed out, DoT damage is not affected by defense stat, that on its own makes their damage - if it ticks fully - really high.

The base damage of their skills is also significant. NOT COUNTING the DoT damage, both of their specials hit harder than Domitia, Leonidas, and Perseus. Then the DoT burns down to bring their damage total either close to Lianna or above hers.

On top of that, Marjana is often utilized as a tank, because she is pretty hard to kill while also a fast dealer of big damage.

So yeah, no, I really don’t think their DoTs need any help or refurbishing.

I believe Marjana is THE tankiest of all single-target hitting 5* heroes. The only heroes that are tankier than her, stats-wise, are the monster tanks: Owl, Thorne, Ares, Justice, Horghall and Guin. Sartana is similar to Arthur and Natalya in tankiness, leaving the other single-target hitters behind as well.

If there’s one thing these two heroes aren’t good at it’s tile damage. And that’s a good thing, at least they have a weakness.


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