Is it time to get rid of timed out fights?

I timed out twice in war again. Both times I’m up against these new heros that have 3 or 4 primary special effects or damage along with, what, like 2 or 3 passive effects and whatever their talent is. The time it takes to make sure what you’re doing isn’t going to inadvertently give the enemy an actual advantage instead of damage is increasing significantly. I’ve never timed out of fights anywhere near as often as the last couple of months. When they implemented this “5 minutes remaining” feature it was pretty much just Season 1 heros and a smattering of HoTM. It was likely coming down to something like Vivica versus Vivca, where the fight could, conceivably, never end. I just don’t see that being as plausible a scenario now and I don’t see the feature as being nearly as necessary. It’s time to get rid of this and let the fight play out. And if someone simply cannot win, they have the option to flee to get out of it.

Each Fight has 2 counters:

Time: 10 minutes max
Moves: 30 moves then damage is increased by 10% every turn

most of the scenarios you will reach 10 minutes before 30 moves.

Removing time limit isn’t a good option without introducing something new to ensure the fight ends within a reasonable time.

It is necessary because wars for example aren’t done if a fight is still happening after the time is over.

Without any time constraints, what is stopping anyone from keeping a fight going for hours without stop?

Similar thing for tournaments too i think.

I have lost to time out too, it is annoying but i think 10 minutes is more than enough (15 minutes is an option)


I think the moves counter is removed for wars. Which means if you end up with two healers duking it out, it will very likely be a defense win due to timeout.


I’d vote for 15 minutes.

I have timed out with one or 2 heroes left to finish many, many times. Sometimes because it was a battle of attrition and sometimes because RL happened (which happens a lot with 2 kids)

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I’m a fan of the timer. It makes speed a “skill” that is part of the fight.

I do not want to increase war timer. If you can’t defeat the enemy, then they stay.

I do like the idea of adding tiebreaker to war as a “compromise”.

I’ve had war battles time out, but never a raid because the tiebreaker solves that issue.

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Making it longer is maybe possible. Getting rid of it not really.

I can see scenarios were people would exploit that. It’s already frustrating enough having people leaving the war without attacking or not attacking at all.

Now think if someone attacks makes no move and the battle is stuck forever.

Missing 6 attacks because somebody is “funny” is already bad, not being able to flip the board because 1 team is blocked is a catastrophe.

Or even without bad intentions this could be a problem.
If someone doesn’t get rid of the opponent in 10 minutes they could probably take some time. If a lot of people still have flags and there is only 1 opponent on the board and war ends soon.
Now after 10 minutes the next one can try it.
But without limit someone is maybe trying healer against healer for eternity, doesn’t want to flee and needs far too much time and in the end not all players can make all attacks.

So the timer has some value for all. Someone could debate if 10 minutes is to short, but some kind of time restriction is necessary.


But I would have won. There is no doubt that given enough time I would have beaten them, I just needed to wait for the correct circumstance. I had done everything correct up to that point, had whittled them down to just 2 heros, but then tiles completely dried up. By every measure I should have won those fights.

The fight ends when someone disconnects. No one is going to stay connected forever. This feature was not always part of the game. It was implemented back when there were way fewer heros and the chances of getting locked on a battle with no end were much higher. They didn’t put it in because of trolls. Is that scenario plausible? I suppose for a relatively short period of time.

Yes, there is no damage bonus after 30 moves in war. If there were, I 100% would have finished those fights.

Really? Can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a timer in war, but maybe in the beginning I wasn’t paying much attention to wars, didn’t really liked them back then.

We all have them when timed out but we have to remember it’s the same for both sides, you could have easily benefited from this but would never know

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Yeah, in the beginning Viv was one of the most common heros that would show up on both sides of the fight. If you ended up Viv versus Viv, the fight could be, for all intents and purposes, impossible to win, but also if you played it out, impossible to lose. So they put the timer in.