Is it time to get rid of the 20% damage bonus for defenses?

Cool it the both of you.

Let’s return to the topic which is discussing if the 20% silent boost given to defence teams is needed given the apparent strength of the current defence synergy and the event of +100 emblem defence teams.


I mean. It would. Be so would just nerfing Telly, right?

That’s true for Offense and defense.

In wars the +20% exists for both sides of the war ya know. Your defense teams benefit from it too.

Lemme ask this: what % of raids should we be winning?

Then, what percent are we actually winning? I think overall raid win % is probably like 75%. And I would guess that’s about where it should be.

I’d think development of a top tier defensive team that’s really impacted by the upper limits of emblems is very much a top 300? alliance problem. I’m seeing shades of it at our nearly top 500 alliance but it isn’t so pronounced. Our attack teams are still holding up.

Well. Without seeing any numbers on it, I’ll say I could see it going to ~10% instead of 20%.

EDIT: ahhhh. I just don’t know what impact this has on Lower level alliances. Would this mean you’re just auto winning raids at that point? I mean, I’m thinking raids are probably balanced right now with 3-4* defense teams … so if that’s the case then nerfing defense teams seems like it may have big implications. ---- So I take it back. Do not reduce down to 10%. Fix the actual problems. Fix the heroes who are problems. And fix emblems.

Do you guys remember the mono defenses? People were complaining how OP that was! While the rest of us modified our attack squads beforehand.

My crystal ball says this topic will gain momentum. What with offensive heroes galore which feel broken on defense.

It’s been popping up lately
@Guvnor, This one👇 came after:
[Remove/change additional +20% attack for defence team]

Both this and :point_up_2:thread OP reference Telly as causation.
I maintain then and now, that the relevance between issues was absolute boredom and saturation.
Not overwhelming difficulty.

I agree with the stat boost

Moreover…I think it should be buffed!

The origination of this defensive buff was timed well for expanding offensive benches and troops.
And since then…
We have more offensive weapons.
We have ninja troops.
We have ninja heroes.
And…we have emblems…

oh yeah…and we have a balanced Telly :relieved:

I wasn’t having trouble cutting through Telly defenses. Many of us were getting jaded to seeing nothing else!

With variety on the mend many of us are feeling positive.
However, however…

Elemental buffs for defense tend to lean on stacked colors, on defense
Which can add a notable flaw for those who keep track if done improperly.

So… Defense:

  • Lacks elemental advantages.
  • Receives non-cascading, single random slashes.
  • Often has very poor aim…

They should have something that challenges us. Something which keeps them relevant.
Something…that’s losing traction!

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