Is it time to get rid of the 20% damage bonus for defenses?

On the contrary I feel like telluria highlights the issue cause she’s everywhere but the trend were already there. A fully emblemed Ursena was also a nightmare. It just Ursena is a 0,3% heroes among the thousand of players it was not so obvious.

Less visible with kunchen as slow and Guin as her class was not good for a tank.

But to be honnest having heroes with 1500 def or hurting more than 1k is definetly part of the powercreep the game is suffering.

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I never looked forward to Urs tanks either but she forces me to stack against the flanks and at least that works somewhat. Different level to Telluria where strategy matters a bit less.

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This is something I suggested exploring elsewhere.

But first, I’d like to caution against projecting your experience in a way that tries to own a section of the playerbase. For instance, I’m long term F2P and move in a very similar orbit to the likes of @FrenziedEye but I cannot say I think X therefore all people like me think X.

My thoughts on this were born from the current discussions around high emblem defence, power creep, synergy and the dreaded T monster.

I would like to avoid nerfing heroes that people chased and leveled in good faith. However, the environment has changed and not, in my opinion, for the better.

So I would like to explore a graduated reduction in defence bonus based on team power.

This can include a rebalancing of heroes power level, which has been done before successfully.

By graduating and rebalancing, we protect the stability of lower levels and can evaluate a return to a happier balance at the top


Not sure if this was a reference to something I said but if it was, I’ll be clear and agree with Jonah that my FTP experience can be a very different one to most others so is most definitely not representative of the masses.

For instance, I had 0 non-classic 5* pulls in the whole of 2019 and in 2020 I pulled Telly and Clarissa - go figure. If I hadn’t pulled Telly I probably would have quit the game

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No, just that I saw you’re contributing and I thought that you and I would be a good example of players in a very similar position but still have amicable differences in opinion :blush:


Indeed, and its OK to ruffle a few feathers on the forum. In fact I say you should savour it lol*

*Just don’t upset Jonah and break the forum rules

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100% agreed that’s the best way to process. Emblems, troops are also part of the powercreep not only telluria, even if she needs to be adressed too.

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I actually would disagree with this because you can get high emblems and troops if you toil long enough.

You cannot get all the shiny new heroes no matter how much you toil.

There is a difference between stronger teams due to toil: and stronger teams due to $$$

The latter is harmful power creep. The former is not!

A Logical, reasonable, and respectful post…


Don’t let it happen again.


Play smarter, you can defeat telluria with 20 emblems, and high end troops and rest of team in 18+ range with 0 emblems 4* heroes, but some ppl will invest money and lots of it so they have superior heroes, and its ok, can’t rly expect to have as strong teams as someone who spends 500-1000 $ a month, it wouldn’t be fair to them.
If guin or ursena were hotm and did get so wide spread I bet you’d see similar story, in few months there will be different top tank and life goes on.

BTW biggest issue with most of the games is ppl cry too much about balance and they make it noob friendly and destroy it in a process.
Adept to current situation, or its issue of not having telluria, well if you dont have her you dont have many more that are required to go for #1 rank if thats what u aim for, and than it comes down to being in 2400+ range when you fill the chest, also field aid is cried about but hey both sides have same modifiers, and all you need to do is shuffle teams a bit as some options can work better with different modifiers, and back to point what would that 20% bonus loss make for other tanks? It’s one of set things and is quite balanced imho, it would break the game to remove it.
Anyway as with all you need decent board and rly cant win with bad one, rest is up to you to make a killer team, and its possible with not too many elite heroes.

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Certainly you can, I think the balance shift between offence and defence, particularly with war, is that it’s possible to concentrate emblems on defence.

So compared to pre/early emblems, where our alliance is at around top 500, defences may have a total of 50+ emblems while offence may have more in the region of 25 and include 4*.

So, while few fights are completely insurmountable, the shift is still towards defence.

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People say stuff like this and it boggles my mind.

And also conflicts with my reality


I did few test runs, didn’t use my emblemmed guys nor any 5* and she used 4 flags i had vs pretty much high end tell teams 18 emblems+ range with high troops, guess what i won 3 and 4th would be a win if i used 5* and emblemmed teams. All you need is average board but you need it with any high end team.

You’re no where near experienced enough to be informed

Anyway, it’s been settled by SG

Pardon me Your Highness!

Why ya gotta be snarky?

Your comment is rather snarky too btw.

In case you didn’t notice.


“A few test runs” is not enough experience to base such a definitive claim that runs against the findings of the vast majority of players who have, literally hundreds of runs of experience each.

Stating that isn’t snarky, it’s analytically factual.

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Not enough data and not enough experience are not the same thing, also I have 80%+ win rate vs top telluria teams, and I did a lot more practice with my war flags vs those teams, than I went with just 4* with 0 emblems and she can be killed with over 50% win rate, but that’s just me trying to understand mechanics, having her and practicing how to battle her since she came out.

Re roll too much, avoid her as often as you can and she will be hard to beat.
As stated before you need a bit different approach and hey I’m c2p so there are even better options to use.

L2P instead of P2W and try to think for yourself.

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