Is it time to dust off Margaret from the bench?

This meta has been filled with high damage hitters. And I feel that Margaret is a great check against these heroes. Khufu, goseck, etc.

  • Yea, sick of the nukes
  • Nay, still too weak

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SGG odds mechanic in this game is absolute. You’re guaranteed to be disappointed if you think Margaret or even CKadilen can help you. New heroes not only hit hard, they have more Def more hp, better passive and family bonus than everyone else which resulted in huge survivability compared to older heroes.

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I had this exact discussion yesterday. I just need some rogue emblems.

The thing is that yes, heroes are constantly getting more powerful, but dodging at least gives you some kind of extra chance. As Margaret’s scales with attack % it means it should fire more often, which means your other heroes should too.

It’s the passives that are the problem! (Looking at you Khufu & Sobek)