Is it time to change wars?

I think its time to make some war changes. Every war its the same, and its getting boring. Xnol tanks for regular speed wars and frike for every vfast war. This cycle has gone on long enough.

SG, how about shaking things up? I propose rotating tank colors. Create a schedule so everyone is aware and can plan appropiately. Every cylce, mandatory change. Thats 10 wars in each color.

They had announced elemental war rules a long time ago, but apparently they didn’t make it out of beta…

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Yes change/ refresh the game mechanics. SG don’t have to spend all their energy on new portals and heroes. Keep the game interesting to your loyal players

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Formation war! Every team is randomly assigned a formation at matchmaking.

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I would like some change too! Ideas I read over this forum that I found very interesting were:

  • Use some Team Cost below the threshold of a 5* teams so you would have to bring a mix of 3-4-5* heroes. What is the point of Team Cost anyway? It never limited anything…

  • Tornados war: every X turns a tornados sweep the fields and buff/ailment get redistributed on both side randomly and heroes position get mix up.

  • I like the ideas of forcing a colour change, I am very tired of having a purple tank and all the alliances we faced also put a purple tanks… Boring!

  • I still love rush war and equalizer war, but could see less of arrow barrage and attack boost.


It prevents you from using all 5* right when you start the game.

change war: 2 of randomly heroes from defense and offense team switch position.

means 2 of randomly heroes on defense team become yours (temporarily), and vice versa.

then let’s see how chaotic it will be.

but definitely it will favor to offense team

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