Is it time for Seasonal Event Costumes bonus Re-Balancing !?

With Challenge event costumes being re-balanced, is it time for Seasonal event costumes to be re-balanced to maintain parity of everything that came early on in the game !

The Attack-Defence-HP difference being hardly any, it would be only fair to have the same costume bonus of 5-5-10-5 %…

What do you say ? :smiley:

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I think there is a very high chance of that this will happen, once these event comes again ot the game even if we want it or not.

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Buff baseline stats of older heroes and tweak up weak special skills, this is what Id say :man_shrugging:

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Totally expecting S2 costumes to go 5-5-10-5 next month when AR rolls around again, with new costumes.

Expect that costume buff for seasonal heroes too.


Bumping this as it is relevant right now with Halloween… With all of the power creep going on I think the reduced bonuses on costumes should no longer exist. The whole point of them was to tone down creep but it has surged in other areas of new events and seasons, now the full bonus is needed to stay useable.

@dansing I don’t think the hero balance category existed when you made this want it updated?

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@Draerius : I am simply amazed seeing your comment and the focus to have searched this old post of mine.

Totally agree about the Costume bonuses to be made standard & power creep rationale has gone out of the window…for reasons you have mentioned.

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Need to bump Halloween costumes look at victor