Is it time for me to max Dawa?

I have no unique 3* or 4* left to level.

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I would recommend to make another 1 or 2 Kvasir

I do have one extra of him unleveled, which I considered maxing, but wasn’t sure I’d ever really use.

I figured I’m unlikely to Emblem a second copy, so I’d be more likely to reach for another Emblemed 3* over the duplicate.

What do you use a second Kvasir for?

Easy winnings on event rounds


Currently one of my camps is unused

When I retired, Advanced House became my main source of recruits ( see notes )

I would just let the TC2 ( RT02 ) run out of training but do not collect the results


Legendary training ( RT20 ) - which is actually bad for your roster - and

Extra low cost training ( RT11 )

are the stars of the show for taking a break

Slow is actually a benefit in a training camp, if not farming for adventure kits/ backpacks

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Freemium today

I am sure SGG would put a limit on offline production - 12 hours - and how many can be queued up - maximum 72 hours worth - if they created the game today.

Forcing players to log in at multiple, weird intervals, is all the trend with current freemium games.

Empires and puzzles was created in a less cut throat time, as original content versus latest content updates have shown.


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Advanced house


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Well, knock that one off the list.



20 exclamation points

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All set with my second Kvasir.

I maxed a second Sudri and fourth Bjorn while I was at it. No idea if any of them will ever get used.


I’ve just got my second Dawa, I didn’t even start working on the first one yet(other heroes in progress). But is she worth it at all? Her stats and special are very mediocre, would You just feed her and forget about it?

Fear me peasants, cause i have the pawa.


Her costume is ok (emphasis on “ok”). If you do eventually pull her costume finish the costume first. The base version is indeed extremely lackluster.

I maxed her costume and the base version is slowly being puttered along because I need a dumping ground for all the 1* feeders I don’t need.

Dawa is OK for poor man’s colorstacking vs titans, I use her on my side accounts for titan hits, she has the best attack value of the S1 3* yellow heroes so she does ok.

Otherwise not so impressed. I have Pawa as well, although only her costume is maxed, she is at 1/3, no emblems wasted on that ever. Tried Pawa in the Tavern of Legends, hoping she would hit nicely the dark heroes with her second slash. Didn’t work so well. Apparently that “extra damage vs Dark” is very insignificant.

I have read some bad things about Dawa. Is she worth leveling up for someone relatively new to the game and a C2P player that can’t buy a bunch of summons?

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I do have a 3/50 dawa since she was my second yellow after bane and yes, I don’t use her at all anymore, but if there’s no one else to go for, why not? :slight_smile:

Maybe you pull her costume in the future, gives her a small boost and has more use than her standard form

So if you don’t have any other yellow 3* to level, I’d still level her for hero depth, you’re going to need it later in the game anyways

If another yellow hero appears, you still can decide to switch to the other hero, maybe you can finish her before that happens, who knows :slight_smile:


As another fairly new player (a year in), I’d say she’s definitely not the most amazing hero ever, but she’s still useful.

If you’re trying to stack yellow, she’s yellow. If you don’t have six yellow heroes for war, again, she’s yellow.

I’ve got two 4* yellows (not completed, but that’s another frustrating discussion), a bunch of Banes, and all the other vanilla 3*s maxed, and I still sometimes pull her off the bench.

Short answer, if you don’t have better options? She’s yellow. :grimacing:


I did buy a Legends summons deal a short while back and all I got was a bunch of 3 stars and two 4 stars Wu Kong and Little John. I have a TC running now that will do 3 stars with a chance at a 4 star. All I have gotten so far has been 3 stars. So I actually have two Dawa’s. I run my other two camps for feeders and I have been concentrating mainly leveling on the other 3 stars I got. I am in a push right now to get my SH to level 20 and then to get a level 20 TC running. I know that I will need to have a decent roster of 30 leveled heroes for some of the challenge events. It just seems to be going so slow trying to level 5 heroes at a time. One of each color.

Thanks for the advice.

I decided a long while back to simply max one of every S1 3* and duplicates of the healers, due to the various uses in challenge events, and then things where you need a lot of depth such as Tavern of Legends & worse, Ninja Tower showed up.

I would recommend keeping that duplicate Dawa for feeding ti the first one until you max her out, or until the special goes to 8/8. Having the second one is useful for a quick 100% upgrade after completion.

5 Dawas against legendaries.


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