Is it time for me to max Dawa?

Did you give emblem to Dawa? :grin:

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Actually …

… about Muggy …


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, not yet?

I don’t actually intend to, but I actually think she’s a bit underrated for Tournaments. Even a subpar Special Skill can be decent on a Rogue.

If I were more serious about Emblems on 3* for Tournaments (like +18 instead of +3-7), I might be tempted.

Oh, btw, finally got a second Dawa today from TC20.


Iv seen @JekylandHyde use 2 Karil in mono blue in rare events its the same special right?
Would being using 2 dawa for rare event top score in a yellow mono for a event.
Question JAH would you use dawa in events for a mono yellow maybe pirates or not?

Even if you have Agnes?

I actually have 3X Karil’s maxed and 2 with max emblems for tournaments.

Dawa’s special is to weak to be viable for competition IMO. 210% on 388 does not compare to Karil’s 260% on 484. Plus Karils has the costume bonus that pushes it father.

Regardless, 3* Ice vs 3* Holy for Tournaments/Challenge events is no contest. Ice has EDD, 2 options for DD, and 1 option for shared damage. Holy has nothing—not even an attack up.

Dawa’s costume is going to be interesting.

I only find basic Dawa interesting for the novelty. This is the only time I have ever used Dawa and it was a blast:
Dawa Dominates!!! — Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube


I have Agnes at +3 so far, certainly will take her to +7. She’s next in line after I get Danza to +18.

But again, if was more a hypothetical if I were focusing a lot on 3* Tournaments and taking 3* to +18, and wanted to use her for the 3* Rush Attack No Purple Tournament.

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Yellow has shared option, Kailani

I think @JekylandHyde means shared on enemies… Gunnar.C
And Kailani.C in beta does not have like Gunnar.C


@jinbatsu I forgot about the allies vs enemies part, thanks


Yep, @ jinbatsu got it correct—shared on enemies.


Even bottom of the list in there own post haha :joy:


Make that fourth. Second Summon with Costume Keys.

I ended up with a second Reuben last month, guess I should wait to use any more saved Keys etc. until next month now.

I also got my 6th Tonic from Pirates Epic Top 500, so I can max Mother North now.

I think that’s a better choice than Bertila, unless anyone thinks otherwise?

EDIT: or maybe I should just hold all mats until Season 4, given the power creep?


Gravemaker Costume

Or Gravemaker costume

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It’s April Fool’s Day somewhere, right?

I mean it’s gotta be…

Doesn’t it?


Given that other than obsessively collecting all S1 5*, the only ones I really have any reason to want from TC20 are Isarnia, Justice, Kadilen, and maybe Khagan, should I just stop running my 1x TC20 at this point?

It doesn’t seem like producing yet more unused feeders in another TC11 really does much for me either, but at least I could use TC12 for Food storage instead, and perhaps diminish the pain of mostly getting crap for lots of cost.

My latest TC20 “good” draw was a duplicate Quintus, but obviously it’s mostly even less useful 3*/4*.

I’m currently lacking much of anything to work on leveling, but expect I’ll have some new stuff this month from my 75 Challenge Coins, 90 Costume Keys, 63 Tower Coins, and/or 782 Valhalla Coins.

Though I’m also mulling just quitting now, or at least making sure I’m [Photo] Base, Vacation ready/ Rage quit ready.


Classic 5* Heroes

Those heroes have better odds from Hero Academy 5* retraining ( HA10 ),

have costumes you can only get from the Costume Chamber


are in every single summons/ training with a possible 5* hero ( see below currencies ).

So unless SGG actually give us a use for duplicate heroes,

It is time to shut down your Legendary Training ( RT20 )

If you run out of 5* heroes for Hero Academy Level 10 ( HA10 )

[ unlikely with Hero Academy 5* retraining limited availability hero odds, duplicates after 2x retraining ( A → B → A again is possible ), and loooong duration ]

you can always restart Legendary training.

Food storage

If the Devs fix training camps, and Hero Academy, you can always restart Legendary Training ( RT20 ) later.

TC12 ( RT12 ) for food is your best bet and works wonderfully with


If you decide to take a break,

Welcome to the Vacation Club



Thanks, @Gryphonknight.

I’ve emptied TC20 except the last training in progress. I’ll switch it to TC11 when that finishes.

In the other TCs, I’ve got TC12 queued for 203+ days now, TC11 at 1454+ days, and TC2 at 16+ days (should get refilled during AR). There are 1656 uncollected feeders in the TC2, so I’m not really inclined to switch it to 11 for now, though I will if I think I’m going to take a long-term break. That’ll be easier if I have something to burn the feeders on later this month.

I also have AL maxed out with 100 Transmutations on each Level I’m running, and HA4 at 104+ days.

So I think I’m close to having everything queued up to mostly leave alone if desired, and still be able to return to later without totally losing the benefit of the time.

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Burn those in HA queue

Just up every unique 3 and 4 stars available.

Don’t use 4* mats just because you have more of them now.

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