Is it time for me to max Dawa?

Dreams really do come true.

Only took a month.


Congrats. Your Everest.

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I was closing in on running out of Heroes to work on again, but another free EHT pull helped.

This is my second month in a row getting the HOTM off a small number of coin or token pulls.


You seriously expect me to abandon a completely ridiculous superstition? :laughing:

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That’s now 3x Elkanen plus Horghall and Lianna in 36 days, all from TC20.


Clearly you have an environmentally friendly training camp.


@zephyr1 learned well from his mentor Obi-Wan @Kerridoc


Finally broke the cycle on Greens.

Also, is it possible that TC20 drop rates have been increased? I feel like this is getting to be a lot of 5* lately for me.

I’m at 6 in 42 pulls.

That’s not particularly unlikely — about a 1.75% chance of 6+ pulls if the drop rate were 5% as we’ve long suspected. But it’s a pretty decently lucky run.

I mean, as lucky as 3x Elkanen, Horghall, Thorne, and a fourth Lianna can be.


Eh, maybe not.

Oh look, a second Horghall.

That’s 7 5* in 57 TC20 pulls now.

More usefully, and still keeping up the green trend, an EHT pickup:


You know it’s because they know you are pulling away from the game.

Like winning at a casino just before you are about to leave.

They know. They know. :sweat_smile:


Make that third. EHT from a Titan.


Thats just crazy… Congrats seem to be in order lol


Forget the HoTMs… did you level Dawa?? :grin:
My maxed but unemblemed Dawa just helped me get through Challenging Trials of Shadows!
She was already dead on the 2nd mob wave… and I needed timestops, bombs…


Yep, since my original post, I’ve leveled at least:

  • Dawa
  • Glenda
  • Second Magni & Costume
  • Marjana
  • Zulag to 3-70
  • Mother North to 3-70

I also started on a second Rudolph, second Vivica, second Muggy, second Jarvur, and Vlad, but paused them to work on Frosty and Reuben, who are more meaningful additions to my Roster.


That’s busy then!
20 Dawas

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Vlad… I level at least one of everything I get, but Vlad hurt. I have hope for the S1 dogs in costumes, but Vlad I don’t ever see myself using.


@Dudeious.Maximus I leveled 5 muggys for the same reason you mentioned @zephyr1, but because of current meta I think the muggy Bro train may be a little too late. So now I just have 5 of them sitting lol

I am like @JonahTheBard and the others that believe in having/leveling each unique hero. Outside of 3* for events and the muggy fun i actually don’t level dupes esp since my roster is too deep for me to actually catch up, I can’t get to leveling the heroes I have due to mat shortage so dupes aren’t even an option for me.


Nice, I’m currently working on all unique 5s to 3/70 while mats pile up. I have tabards rings and scopes, but very torn on who to give them too so I’m just waiting

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Yeah he’s probably the single 3* that may never see ascension

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Iv only leveled one I do still chuck in 3* tournament defense and use occasional on offence in them.
Would of liked to see muggy as a boss in atlantis but was made after, :unamused:

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