Is it time for me to max Dawa?

I don’t actually have Dawa, I’d have to get her first.

But presumably that’s not a terribly difficult endeavor. :face_with_monocle:

I’m truly at a loss for what to bother leveling at this point.

Any ideas? Or am I just done with leveling until I get something new? (Which might be Dawa.)

I’m running 2x TC20 now, if nothing else, I guess in hopes of Isarnia or Marjana to use some of my Scopes or Rings? I can bump that up to 3x if I find the motivation to consolidate a TC11 queue to the other TC11, but the screen tapping to move 800 days of TC11 over isn’t a ton of fun.

I suppose I could also max Hero Academy and run HA10, but I’d have to figure out some way to burn the Iron and Recruits from a sizable queue of HA4/6. Or just wait 3 months until they finish.




I’d probably do a second Magni with that costume in hand. He’s too good and pairs well with that second maxed Frida!

Disclaimer: I maxed a Dawa. But no emblems on her! :rofl:


Well, if you’re really bored, you could level both Danzaburos for fun and giggles.

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I’d love to be flippant, but I just can’t. YES, level Dawa! You know the costumes are coming. Given the plainness of her Skill, you know SOMEthing interesting will hapen there. And then you are prepared, you can be the first guy on the block (except me) to try it out.


…and nipples.


You bring up the possibility of a…weighty… subject. :rofl:

Don’t ever max a Dawa. Mine is fixed at 3/30 and I’ve only pulled one in six months. The superstition works…


@zephyr1 You have a fantastic roster! I’m totally jealous! No wonder you do so well in the various 3*, 4* and 5* tournaments! Well done!

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As a collector purist, I max one of everything.

You’ll be aware of my opinion on Dawa as the only hero in the game with an identical yet inferior special skill and this makes her a particular novelty.

You’ll also note that SG have reserved most of the least popular heroes for the final run of costumes and I suspect they are planning to subvert our expectations with a line-up of visually stunning and powerful heroes such as Thorne, Obakan’t and Dawa.

By having her maxxed, you’ll be ahead of the nay-sayers.


A second Proteus surely! Double Proteus teams are fun in events. And you can also then argue with yourself as to whether you have Proteuses or Proteii.

And … as many costumed Rigards as you can fit in your closet/wardrobe

Mind you … where did this come from?

tbh, its just so lovely to see you posting!


Why not?

There’s a costume coming at some point, may as well be ready (sods law will then mean you won’t get it, probably :joy:)

Same goes for Gan Ju?

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I was considering that, and he’d maybe get some use somewhere at some point, I guess. My blues are already pretty solid for most purposes, but other than the limited D Blades, there’s little reason not to max a second of him.

Sounds like there’s support for leveling her at least partway, perhaps short of max. (Feel like that would drive me nuts, though, @sft1965.)

Having a reason to look forward to getting her seems like good motivation to plan to level her.

I did max Kashhrek in hopes of the Costume before it came out, but haven’t actually gotten it. And having gone F2P months ago, my chances for any given Costume are pretty low, even the 3* and 4*.

I’ve got 4 maxed, think I’ll use a 5th?

I’ve got 4 maxed of him too, including the Costume on each. So, same question…worth a 5th?

I’d need to find a Trap Tools or two for either of them too.

True, though I have two of him maxed already, which is probably enough, barring a fantastic Costume.


My mistake… Saw 1.1 heroes below maxed 3’s and mind assumed everything down there was untouched :exploding_head::joy:


3x Legendary training

With your roster, I would change it to 1x Legendary training ( RT20 ) and 1x Hero Academy Legendary retaining ( HA10, see notes )

3x months

I would just wait 3x months.

It does not sounds like leveling heroes in Empires is a huge priority in your life, so you should just get the troops.

With Merciless RNG, and HA10 taking 7x days, you are only missing 12x attempts at legendary retraining when the loot box unit pricing is 93+ retraining for a specific Classic 5* hero.


Click for notes



Interesting question, LOL. I’m kind of surprised you don’t already have your original Dawa maxed? I maxed mine almost 2 years ago. But I’m guessing you had better projects to work on. I started off with mostly 2s and 3s so… well, you know, work with what you’ve got.

Currently my leveling strategy is kind of messy.

If I have 5* heroes that I intend to use for wars or main teams, I focus on those first. If I don’t have the resources to take them past 3/70, I might focus on a 4* hero instead. If I’m lacking the resources to ascend any 4* or 5* heroes, I start working on my 3s (that I’ll probably never actually use, but I’m a collector).

If I get some goofy 3* Valhalla hero that I don’t already have, I’m going to keep it and eventually level it… just because… or if I have a 3* hero with costume, I’ll keep two copies and fully level up both, that way I have a costumed and non costumed version.

Waste of roster space? Perhaps. But to me? I could be completely off base here, but I kind of got the impression that one of the main purposes of E&P was obtaining new unique heroes. Whether they’re good or bad. That’s a big part of what has kept me playing for this long (that and my lovely alliance of wonderful people).

Gotta collect them all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Realistically speaking, I will not ever spend enough or live long enough to collect “them all”. But it gives me something to aspire to in the meantime.

So yeah. If I’m bored and have nothing better to do, I will max at least one of each of my 3* heroes. Even the bad ones.


Maxing a 3* takes like a few hrs if you just run TC19. I’d probably wait until Dawa’s costume comes out before deciding. If her costume is terribad, then don’t bother.

As stated above, another Proteus and C.Magni can be beneficial.
Double proteus is good in rush attack tournaments. For a 2nd Magni, you can just bring the base Magni up to 4/1 and max the costume.

Not sure how many pulls you’re planning to do this month but it might be wise to just stock up on feeders if you’re going for Gefjon. You got 20 rings too so you’re all set up to max her immediately if you pull her later.

Did I not see a second cSonya? I find it useful sometimes to have 1 of each in a blue stack for 4* raid tourneys

Why not, right? if you have nobody else to work on… and it won’t take terribly long, either.

On the other hand, it won’t take terribly long to max her at any time. So even if you pull one you could wait a bit.

No. It is time to max the single most destructive force in the entire game:

AIFE! And emblem her to +20!


I agree


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