Is it time for changes?

So we see everyday people complain more about all things in game and developers do nothing,when they will start to do some positive things?

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Is this a new topic or take?


Yeah, make some suggestions

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I would do a quick search and find all the similar requests

Then come to the conclusion of No


Well we need to yell more

Been yellin for over 2 yrs

Burnt out on yellin man

Just find a better game…it’s the path of least resistance


You could start with a thread like this to get a bit of balance.

There are numerous threads that are purely complaining and many, many suggesting excellent specific improvements.

Just saying ‘boo to this’ isn’t very productive.

Have a search for ideas you like and support them :+1:


Yeah they don’t respect us but also they lose everyday more people i like this game only because of people i meet in it nothing else,all other is to get you crazy

To see how long players have been waiting for improvements. You’ll see some veteran players in there


Thank you i will see it all but i think there is no any kind of respect for players from developers side

Beat me to it…

@Tutix, I’m closing this thread as a duplicate…the thread @rigs linked is very similar, or the thread I linked is a good place to weigh up good and bad recent additions.


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