Is it so hard to understand

Once again we are facing an alliance with more people. They’re stronger but that’s not the point.
The point is that again a 3300 in our team rewards more than a 3500 in theirs. Both team represent 2000 points. That make sense when you have same number of members.
Again a team (A) with 20 people fighting against team (B) 30 people (considering the matching was good) has no luck to win.
A can do 20 * 6 = 120 attacks
B can do 30*6 = 180 attacks

A teammates reward 2000 / 20 = 100 points as average to B
B teammates reward 2000 / 30 = 67 points to A.
So if A wins all their fights they can expect 120 * 67 = 8040 points. If B wins all their fights too they will have 18000 points. Is it so hard to understand that it’s totally unfair?. Even if B miss half of its attacks, it will get 9000 points.
The 2000 points per team should be adjusted according the teammate ratio. In order both team can reach same target.

So far we are 1000 points behind. They have killed only our teammate below 3450. On our side we have killed mostly below 3600. It’s not finished but every one in the alliance is seeing how ridiculous it is to kill a 3553 for 66 when our weaker teammate rewards the same with 3142 power.

SG please review that points. It won’t affect 30/30 fight but will make other wars more fair.


I’m surprised to see nobody else is facing this amazing logic. So frustrating.

I have never looked at it this way.

So remember that the teams are picked on supposed to be equal, so a 20 member team should per member average be stronger.

Your point is very valid though on the flags … This needs to be addressed. You cant have equal sides but one has 30% more attacks than the other.

How can they fix this … very easy.

So they are currently working with top 5 heroes per member to obviously get a score, which then needs to match the opposing side.

I say, take this score and match teams with equal score and equal opponents. Surely with the amount of teams out there a very close match will then be found.

Summary: Match on equal strength and equal members

There however comes an issue when looking at teams with 30 members, are they all able to actually fight in the war? I see the battlefield and it shows 30 during the prep phase … opponents are already chosen … but when war starts all members under lvl 12 cant compete, so the matchup is made on all members. In essence having that top 5 in your alliance with huge cups actually damages your matchup. Alliances mid to lower rank would need to go check and ensure that all their members are of equal strength.

@Petri - Can you maybe just shed a little more light on the matchups and then jist read what the OP mentions here … actually a very valid point this. Flag counts dont matchup.

Actually, SG already has seen it, but is chosing to reflect this effect in the matchmaking rather than the point awarding.

Which brings me to the question.

Is matchmaking made according to alliance member counts as well, if not, this is a major issue actually.

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The answer is clearly no. NonStop team was stronger than us in all aspects that can be reviewed from OUAT side except in raid cups where they voluntarily put low power teams.

So matchmaking does not work :slight_smile:
That’s a surprising news…

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