Is it really random? Why always same S1 5* hereos? Confused

Random, to be purely random, includes such tendencies. Otherwise there is an overall pattern and it’s not random.

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I would like to share that the situation you (OP) describe does not even represent bad luck.
Having a few heroes with three duplicates and many with two duplicates while there are still many heroes who didn’t show up has significantly higher probability than having an almost perfect roll where you got almost all heroes with almost no duplicates.

Look at it this way: as soon as you say “the last three pulls were X, no way the next can also be X” you are putting a limit on the pull and thus reducing the randomness. Each pull is an independent event. For true random results there can be no influence from previous results.

Hi all…My question is, ok for random summon, but random for each player numbers or for total players on game?..maybe that’s the key if I’m not wrong.
And other side, we have two ways to change %, change number of pulls and change number of results/heroes, so, heroes are the same and result will be the same, more if you put another coefficient, randomness. That’s impossible change numbers in a sure summon results.

It makes sense.

BTW, what I mean is about some specific period.
Some specific heroes, troops, and AMs appears much more frequently than others during some time.
It makes me think that there’s another algorithm hidden in this system. During some period, this hidden step makes something specific more often than ever.

As you see from my post and reply, I’m not an expert. Actually I don’t know anything about this special.
Just my guess or another ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Yes its how you test randomness in statistics for exampel T-Student test.

Randomness means there are series of results not equal annd average numbers.

For example if you ask someone to flip coin 100 times yo ucan easily check if result is real checking if there is enough series of both tails and heads.

Human conception of “randomness” is just false.

1,3% of HOTM means that its expectations on very big sample and it can mean 0 heroes for 1000 rolls and 13 in consecutive rolls

Pretty much everyone goes through periods where they seem to either get too much of one item or nothing of another. I went through months with no compasses. Then they started appearing and I got no fine gloves for a while. Now I have a glut of both (and way more compasses) and no Tomes but lots of Damascus Blades.

Of course it always seems to be the one that I am most in need of that seems to be in short supply, or maybe I’m just noticing it more because that’s the one I’m looking for.

Let me try to show how to approach this analysis:

For the sake of example let’s assume there are 30 different heroes and you had 30 pulls on them.
In average you should have 30/30=1 of each hero, i.e. one of each hero. However, the calculation shows that the expected standard deviation is also in the order of 1.
This means that numbers that deviate from the average by about the standard deviation should be very frequent (so 1+1=2 and 1-1=0 should be very frequent) and numbers that deviate from the average by very few standard deviations should happen occasionally (such as 3).
In other words, the more probable result is having a bit less than one third of the heroes with two duplicates, about one third with exactly one, a bit less than one third that didn’t show up and a few that have a least three duplicates.
Actually what you described is very close to the most probable scenario I just described. So what you described does not even represent bad luck. It is the most likely result.

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This is actually an example that supports the concept of randomness. You’d have more reason to be suspicious if both of your accounts had the exact same amount of items… I for example have gained 29 telescopes since I started playing but only 16 tabbards. And there is an AMA somewhere here on the forum where staff members talk about the same thing happening on their own accounts: One is always short in that item, while the other has plenty of that and lacking of something else.

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In a random RNG there will always be some sort of randomness which can appear like an anomaly. It is just random chance which is expected to produce this though.

My odd one is Gormeck I have been playing this game for 13 months now. I have done plenty of summons with deals coins epic hero tokens and etc. I have no idea on how many summons I have done but I would guess if you include training camp 20 pulls as well, we would be looking at 500-1000 possibly more.

I have never ever pulled Gormeck its a strange one but he just never shows up for me. I am not desperate for Gormeck I really don’t rank him that much. I mean I have a maxed Wilber with 20 emblems.
Gormeck would be of use for event challenges epic difficulty against the Hatter and Finley. Since he is a debuffer but does not expose me as a buffer. However that is literally the only use I can make of him at all right now. To be honest a four star who will take a lot of food for ascentions and hidden blades that can only really be useful for the odd level or two of epic challenge event and only two our of five entire event challenges with even that, is not a hero I am desperate to get. I would keep him on the bench if I did pull him but I do wonder when if ever I would ever actually level him.

I mean I could go beserk on how I can’t pull a Gormeck by now because it is very unlikely I would not have pulled him by now. I could rage about this but really he is a useless to me and I just find it a funny outlier that I have not pulled him yet. If Gormeck as good I might actually be pissed off by now.

I had the same with Kiril for a long time. I was playing for more than a year already and already fed dupes of most other epics I got in that time, until Kiril showed up… and a week later I had him twice. One from a summon, one from TC20. Now I’m playing for 1.5 years and finally get to level him.

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why do people think that odds of pulling 5*s are the same? I doubt Lianna and Groot have the same odds.

Translation provided by Google (as far as i can see, no one bothered to do this)

I have more than 300 workouts and I got 6 quintus 5 1.01 and the other 4.80, I got 5 John, 5 Leonidas, however obakan did not work for me. Isarnia and Vivica only once and less than 1 month ago, I have been training since November 2018 and always with a minimum CT, at times 2 and in some cases 3 simultaneously. And there can be several trainings that do not grant me legendary heroes. This game is patience and sometimes that drives you crazy

Why wouldn’t they? Any data supporting that theory? Elaborate please… And who is Groot?

@ierazo explained the nature of this ‘randomness’ to me in the elemental chest loot tracking thread. I found their insight educational. :+1:

Edit: @diesdas; Guardians of the Galaxy! afik that’s the only one.

Baby Groot!

After I got a 3rd Sif chasing the Norns the other day, I did start to wonder how SGG seeds their random number generator and if it’s really just random over the player base and not truly random for any individual account.

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there is no data supporting otherwise either.
and Groot is Horngaal or however his name is spelt.

That’s interesting to know.

For the record, my first TC20 5* was Marjana. My next three were also Marjana…

For me those two have exactly the same odds as I have pulled exactly the same quantity of each from TC20.

You can’t be random over the entire player base and not random on individual accounts. It’s all or nothing.