Is it possible to use 4* team to beat Guinevere (tank) with TP +4000

Have anyone tried it, if you have pls post vids.

My thought are : Proteus, Merlin, Tibs, Wilbur & Boltusk.

My Proteus & Merlin are not max yet.

I have beaten yellow team that contains guin (4/70) as a tank,delilah,vivica,jackal,and li xiu SO EASY…
My team is just Kiril as a tank, and Grimm,misandra,colen,and wukong.
My blue combo +wukong is so effective to tackle guin so fast

I can do it with regular 4* but i dont post vids on the forum or YouTube

Using Sartana and Hel usually takes care of enemy Guin’s.

I used to use Rigard, Caedmon, Kiril, Tiburtus and Proteus.

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It’s possible I’ve done it a few times. I mostly pass up on those types of teams now but if it’s the only revenge I have available, I’ll attack a 4K guin team. You need to stack heavy though. I would bring 3 purple and 2 blue for the gravemaker flank.

Guinevere is going to kill a 4* team without luck. I’d go four purple’s and hope to get a match before she fires:
Rigard Merlin tiburtus Proteus boldtusk would give you the best chance in my opinion (granted it’s not the best odds but I imagine it’s got a better chance of winning vs 3-2 since you are not likely able to kill her before she fires her special and then protects her flasks against dark)

You are very close :smiley: I do that with Rigard-Tibs-Merlin-Wilbur-BT

Ive fought her. Fired off amd killed before a fire off. Bring purples.

You’d have to be very lucky with tiles when going up against Guin using average mana 4* heroes. In fact, you’d have to be very lucky with tiles running 4+1 or 2+3 fast mana. Haven’t played too many Guineveres since I’m mostly between Platinum and Diamond, and she tend to appear in the higher levels of Diamond.

Have faced a few when I was working my way through Diamond, but losses far exceed wins. Her mana reduction and a heavy heal over time is just too much to cut through unless you get to fire off a few specials.

Have a couple of videos still from when I’ve won, but really not worth posting. I just jot it down as having been lucky with the tiles.

Yeah it’s possible, but when I was at that stage, I came to conclusion there’s not much point to it. You win about 25% of the time. I think I often had Tiburtius, Merlin, Sabina, Wukong, Shakal, Li xiu against her. When raiding 5* defence teams with 4* raid teams, Wu Kong is a must.

With a very lucky board from the start and extreme color stacking i think it is possible even with 3*.

Nah Wu isn’t a must. Especially when purple tiles are so precious against guin. You can’t afford to miss. I don’t raid with Wu at all anymore he’s only for titans and events.

Now that would be a video worth posting :smile:

My go to team vs the trio Guin, Zeline, GM : Sabina, Gregorion, Tibs, Proteus, Rigard.
I have some decent results with this team.

Gregorion is a 5*, but I think, you can swap him with Grimm or an other hero who it hard in my team.

I never use Wu either anymore, but when I had to rely solely on 4* heroes, I did. I’m not saying he’s a must, but definitely recommend taking him if one’s in that stage and has him. Off course you could leave him and take monocular team, but that’s kind of random too is it not :smiley:

EDIT: *Monocolour

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Wu benefited me greatly before I had 3 of each color maxed. Now, he’s unnecessary and actually a bit of a detriment when raiding.

Don’t know about 3*… It would take divine intervention I think… but 4* definitely doable, no sweat. Three purples, depending on what friends Guin has brought along (Tibs should be present to lower her defense), a good purple board and it’s bye bye queen… But like someone else said before, you will get the right board at most 25% of the attempts… And after you get rid of blondie, there still are four maxed 5* heroes to take care of… So it doesn’t really pay off attacking such odds unless you get a very convenient trophy ratio…

I don’t think much of 3* heroes. I think the core of the game is 4* heroes.


No video, but here are some pics

Guin%201a Guin%202a

It was left to right: Sabina, Gormek, Cyprian, Colen and Kelile

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