Is it possible to see my alliance members' benches?

I lead a very small alliance, and I am about the only one who monitors the message boards. I have also been playing longer than anyone in my alliance. I want to give them advice on team development, but as far as I know, the only heroes I can see on their teams are the five in their defense team. Is there a way I could look at their benches to advise them who to level next, etc.? It seems awkward to ask in the local chat for them to list who they have and what level, and it wouldn’t be very user friendly even if they did.

We use discord and have asked every member who is using it to create their own channel with screenshots of their rosters.

It’s hard to answer the “who should I ascend” question without knowing how each fits in with their existing roster.

It’s also valuable for when we want to change our single tank strategy. We can see how many players are strong in that particular colour.

Not to mention, the greater ability to communicate with our players!

So, nothing in-game? I want to be careful about sending them to an app that I’m unfamiliar with, especially as one of our members is my 11-year-old nephew, and I know my sister trusts that I’m trying to keep him away from “bad stuff” on the Internet when he’s gaming with me.

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I totally understand your concern. Discord is a game chat app but it’s not open to the public, it’s not a social media site. You can create your own server and then create channels (headings) within that server.

It’s simply an extension of the current game chat - only your members will be using it. It allows for full conversations, screenshots, photos (we get to see everyone’s cats).

Do some research on it and you’ll find out all the benefits.

EDIT: if everyone on your alliance is already aware that there is a youth playing, I’m sure they’ll be just as respectful on discord. We have one player who has his 13 year old son playing but he isn’t on discord. His dad just relays anything he needs to know. If he were on discord, we’d be a little more careful with our swearing (discord doesn’t censor our frustrations).

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility in the game.
Here is a Topic in suggestions that asks for this feature.

I knew I couldn’t be the first one to have asked the question. Thanks for pointing me to that thread.

We use line. You can have them send you their heroes and put them in an album to see them. Then update them once a month or a week. It helps us plan for the war.

I would have suggested Line as well but I’m not familiar with it since we use Discord.

Both are excellent ways to have greater communication with your members.

I know a lot of gamers use Line app. My current alliance uses Line and my team on a different app I used to play also used Line. Many also use WhatsApp. We make a private group on Line where we talk about the game and joke around a bit about other topics. I’ve never seen anybody post anything inappropriate and I’ve never had any random people try to add me or bother me on Line.