Is it possible to make random more... random? 🤔

All this heros I got from training camps…

I got kadilen. Wanna trade?

I… I… don’t really understand.


Getting duplicates from TC20 does not mean it needs to be more random. It would be less random if people didn’t get duplicates. And some people will get more duplicates than others, woo randomness.

Oh, and be happy you got doubles of useful heroes like sartana and magni. I got double obakan :slight_smile:

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Me neither

I am not a moderator

Click on image … all will become clear :slight_smile:

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THX @Astvinr
So luxury problems lol

SG need to stop pretending that they’ve solved the problem of computers generating truly random numbers.

Consistently, the failure to level a skill at 90%, 95%, 80% on consecutive tries is not reasonable with analog randomness. Try rolling two ten sided dice to get that result.

Or for results like pulling 4 Gormeks, 3 Agwes, 2 Gadeiran, 2 Wilburs , 2 Triton, (4 Muggys, 3 Gatos, 2 Namahage, and other sundry crap out of 30 pull), when the spread you get should for the Epics ought to be more distributed over the possibilities.

Are you saying you trained 6 and got “only” 3 different 5* heroes, with 2 dupes of each? Random would allow everything from 1 w/ 6 dupes to 6 w/ none…

(Not saying the generator isn’t broken, just that this result isn’t a broken example!)

Perilin is right; if you are requesting that they reduce the likeliness that you get duplicates, you’re actually asking to make it less random. Randomness doesn’t mean that you’ll get a nice even distribution of heroes. If you rolled a dice six times, the chances of you getting no duplicate numbers is only about 1.5%.

And Chero, you might be experiencing confirmation bias, meaning that you don’t take note of all the times that you do get the likely outcome. Instead you focus on the few times in which you get an unlikely outcome, and give that too much emphasis, concluding that the RNG is somehow broken or rigged.

These forums are, unfortunately, full of people saying they are convinced the system is rigged (bad boards, unlucky summons etc.) based on small sample sizes and a fundamental misunderstanding of statistics.


getting duplicates means that draws dont depend on previous results - so it is truly random.

Who keeps Alby’ing these year-old threads?


That’d be nice :slight_smile:.


Idk but i bet they’re new, drunk, high, half asleep, or all the above

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Ha, I didn’t even notice the OP was years ago.

Actually, it popped to the top for me as a new or unread thread… tho I didn’t notice the outdated aspect either.

Poor guy most likely rage quit by now b/c he wasn’t getting the 5*s he wanted!!!

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I still dont have an elena or azlar… but I got 2 domitia, 2 isarnia, 2 sartana.

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